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MacBook Pro models with a 16" display

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Custom cut down MBP case?

I’m interested in how much weight I might be able to shave off the new MBP by cutting away some aluminum from the edges of the case. (Front edge specifically, thinking just extending the opening “grip” area along the whole edge.) I don’t know anything about cutting aluminum, just curious whether anyone has tried this. Disappointed the weight/size went up on this version and not sure I want to wait for an underpowered 14-inch.

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Are you really serious! Just take a hacksaw cut your system in half then you’ll have half the weight! But a very useless system in the end!

No! You can’t cut away anything!

Did you really look at the weights between the older model and the new 16”?

15” Weight: 4.02 pounds (1.83kg)

16” Weight: 4.3 pounds (2.0 kg)

You are talking about 6.0 ounces / 170 grams difference you really can’t feel that!

That’s a block of 28.33 mm (about 3 cm) Aluminum!

Apple does a good job balancing out the structural strength and weight. Other PC makers have moved to plastics and carbon fiber but at the cost of a thicker wall and even still they are often very flexible.

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Maybe you can’t feel it. But it’s a very noticeable difference.

In fairness I have no idea what the aluminum contribution to the overall weight is vs. the glass and other components. So shaving down aluminum may not be a viable solution.


Get a kitchen scale out and measure out two bags of something to the weights I listed or just go for the difference. Really! It's not enough to feel. WTW - I could have used Lead but its physically too small to visualize.

You are making mountain out of a mole hill!


@jayeff - I went down to my local Apple Store to check it out Monday midday. They had already pulled the older 15" models but I did manage to compare the new 16" to a 13" for its keyboard and Touch Bar differences. While there a person had brought in their 2017 15" for a new keyboard ;-[ She was curious how the 16" felt. She let me hold hers and I couldn't tell which was which weight wise.

Hint: As soon as hers is fixed she's switching! In the next month or so I think you'll find a fire sale of used 2016 - 2019 15" models!

While the top three issues Apple needed to fix keyboard, thermals & power where addressed. As the teardown shows they failed to make the system serviceable!

In my mind this is a beefier MacBook not a MacBook Pro!

A real MacBook Pro would have more ports and fit better into the workflow of working digital pro's: Photographers, Videographers, heavy Animation and Drawing folks. USB-A, SD card support, Ethernet & MagSafe.

This system is tuned for Writers and advanced amateurs. While Apple did try to meet the working pro's need for RAM & Storage the lack of serviceable RAM or Storage makes that iffy as most just don't trust soldered RAM and Storage! If the system fails all their work is dust! Sure backups are important! But a pro in the field won't be focused on that My MacBook Pro died, how can I retrieve the data in the hard drive?

This then gets into the ecology issues these systems are not easy to salvage the materials and grinding them down would loose many valuable resources. And given the lack of repairability (costly parts) it won't have a long life.


This is nothing compared to the 15" vs 17" when they still sold those. The 17" was 6.6 pounds and the 15" was 5.6 pounds.

People put up with the 17" weight differential because of how good it was. If they can bring back the 17" modularity with industry standard parts it'll be just as good. This 16" won't be any different, but you won't always be reminded by the shoulder burden this time around.


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