Which camera is bad? Or is it both?

I bought an iPod touch 4th Gen off of eBay that stated it had a non-functioning camera. I figured that I would test the cameras to determine which was bad. Here are my results. When entering the native camera app the shutter does not open and it does not give me an option to switch cameras. I installed "Fring" and performed test video call (to check the front camera). I hear my voice, but the video shows only blackness. Prior to doing both of these I reset the device through the settings menu (per an Apple forum post). Does anyone have a better way to determine what is wrong with this device? Other than the cameras it appears to work great! Thanks for any help!!


Edit **I just put the iPod into recovery mode and re installed the OS. Afterwards I did a Fring test call and saw myself in the little window. The image was distorted by lines and was off color. Then it went black, and has not come back since. The shutter still doesn't work on the main camera.

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Try a restore first and see what you get. It seems like you did everything else already. After that it is probably time to take it apart and see if it is a hardware error.


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I would say the front camera is bad, the back one may have fingerprints and you may just have to clean it's lens on the back of the iPod

Unfortunately, if cleaning the glass doesn't help and it's the front camera, it is glued to the glass and tough to remove(that is why I have so many of these 4TH generations headed to recycling, the cost of glass and the final cost in the end, I have 10 on me and I already agreed to recycle them, so sorry!)

To determine the possibility of water damage, get a flashlight and look in the headphone jack and check(Apple, I honestly do not care what you think of me telling someone this, you put Pentelobe screws in the iPhone, so this is payback!)

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I've checked for any type of debris or filth in front of either camera. I do not see any. I checked the guides for replacing the cameras and it does not appear to be glued in the pictures. Is this misrepresented?

Another point is that while in the Fring test call I can flip the cameras. There is about a 2 to 3 second lag for the switch. Both cameras still show only blackness. Could I be looking at a back logic board? Again, I have no idea what lead this iPod to it's current state. It could have taken on water damage. I have yet to tear it apart. Thanks!


Thank you for the heads up about the water damage indicator. It is pink, crap. I'm going to try an replace the cameras and hope that it's not a logic board.


This is what I checked whwn I bought my Touch used so I now have 2 iPod's incase my brotherneeds a internet browser and I have a iPod with the retina display


Pink means the water wasn't as heavy or in water as long as if it was somewhat dark red or dark red


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