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The 8th generation (E110) of Toyota's best-selling compact car.

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starting problem with the ignition

i have a 1998 toyota corolla. when i put the key in and try to turn it... it wont move it doesnt even go to acc. i can only put the key in. please get back. its my first car too............ thnx

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Is the steering wheel stuck? If it is, a combination of wiggling the steering wheel and key should get it to work.


yeh. tht was my first reaction. but it doesnt wana move. and no the wheel moves freely


you are right oldturkey03. i got a new key cut. and the old key was worn. so thnx for the tips guys.

ohh and any tips on how to clean the eninge bay. like what cleaners do i use????


great that you got it going again. Best of luck to you and your Toyota


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It is possible that the key is very worn or the tumblers inside the lock are worn. you can get the dealer to cut you a new key with your VIN #. If that does not work, you will have to remove the actual lock. Here is what I found here "On models equipped with airbags, disarm airbag system as outlined under Technician Safety Information.

On models less airbags, disconnect battery ground cable.

On models with coded audio anti-theft systems, remove steering wheel, if necessary, steering column garnish, if equipped, upper and lower covers.

Disconnect electrical connectors from ignition switch.

Block Image

Now if you can not more the key to the ACC position you will have to remove the whole unit. That means to remove the trim and there are two bolts that secure the unit. Drill those out and get a new unit. Not very expensive and available by using Google. The new unit will come with the two new bolts. that will shear when they reach the proper torque. Anyhow, I hope that this will get you started.

Oh and one more thing. Make sure that you are having the right key. Nothing worse than trying to start your car with the wrong key....;-) Good Luck

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This is what really happened when I put the wrong Toyota key in the ignition. The key I put in was to a 2009 Corolla and it went in a 2008 Camry. It locked the steering wheel on the Camry and so it would not move and a little tiny red light shaped like the profile of a car went on in the dash where the "vents" are. The dealer said to tow the car into the dealership. Instead, I checked the internet. I don't remember the "magic combination" of actions (listed on blogs on the internet for the Corolla I locked up), but it was similar to open both rear doors, close them, then lower both rear windows, push the green button under the steering wheel while you turn the key, let the "beep" sound go for 3 times. The tiny red car light on the dash went out, and everything worked fine again. This combination of actions will only work for certain models. And don't mix your keys up ever again!


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try turning the wheel back and forth as you try to turn the key

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My car will try to start, but it takes a lot of re-trying until it does start. Once it does, it goes just fine. Anybody got a suggestion? Thanks!

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