What is the name of the focus-er on the back?

When my back glass broke, and I was removing adhesive, the (diffraction grating?) little plastic/rubber cover on the focus sensor came off / was attached to the adhesive and was damaged.

I’m looking to buy replacement glass, but also need to know what part that was that came off. The actual sensor still appears to be on the board, and is able to take photos which are in focus.

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I'm trying to find info on the same thing. Currently pondering what is the purpose of it, should I try to attach it to the replacement glass or just leave it out since I don't think the residue adhesive on it would necessarily keep and hence it could travel somewhere else inside.

Did you find out anything about it? What did you do with it?


Just as an update to this - i ended up cleaning it up with isopropyl alcohol, since it was very smudged from the adhesive removal process, and finally pressing it on my replacement glass. Focus seems to work normally after replacement. Also something to note is that I think the hole for it on my replacement glass was really just a hole so the grating is really the only thing preventing dust etc from getting in.


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