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A1708/EMC 3164 — Released June 2017, this entry-level MacBook Pro retains its traditional function keys (as opposed to the OLED Touch Bar).

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Should I get my MacBook Pro’s display changed!?

I bought this mbp back in 2017! It was running pretty fine till last month when an abnormal grey vertical strip came on my display in the center!!

Apple Care in India said its a display issue and you should get a replacement as soon as possible but gave me an expense of $650!

Unm! I didn’t get it repair as I don’t have much saving right now to get it repaired!!

But after 1 month of that strip! I’m getting these inverted colours whenever I login to my MacBook Pro and it changes when I put my MBP on sleep! Also my screen flickers a lot and the moment I tap on the trackpad, the flickering goes off and the moment I put my hands up from trackpad it starts again!

I’m attaching some pictures and videos so that you can get idea!!

So I just wanna ask in last!! Is it really my display or something else!??? Because I connected an external monitor; it works fine, I ran hardware test; nothing shows up, like no error code regarding display!

Should I trust apple and really get my display changed????

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Your internal display issue is caused by a defective T-CON board. This series moved the T-CON from within the display into the main body. But Apple messed up! The location is just above the heatsink and the radiators the fans blow across to cool the system. If you look at this teardown jumping to Step18 you’ll see the T-CON board MacBook Pro 13" Function Keys Late 2016 Teardown. And in Step19 you can see the ribbon cables that connect it to the display. So the board tends to overheat and over time fails from the excessive heat. Being in a hot country like India make this more likely.

So you will need to replace the display more so because the of the T-CON board failure as the two are bonded together and can’t be replaced on its own.

So the Apple genius was correct the dial does need replacing. But, you might have an out! I would press for a warranty exception as this is a parts failure! If you had a defective ribbon cable then you would get a new display under the FlexGate defect that Apple has an extended warrant repair program. And then you aos have the SSD & Logic board failure.

So I would press them on fixing the SSD logic board as you stated your system qualifies. And if pressed point to the FlexGate extended warranty program. So all of the issues get fixed! They owe you!

Have these in your hand as well as the logic board/SSD document your system qualifies.

If the first person give you a hard time be polite but firm ask for the service manager and if that fails talk to the store manager. You do want to make sure your system is as clean as you can make it. showing its well kept! And in a nice case as well.

Let us know how it goes!

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As you answer was the best! I came to know about new things like TCON board! Thank you so much! But they didn’t repair it for free as in India; Apple doesn’t provide their own services and have hired other 3rd party service providers.

So they gave me an expense of $750 for display!

But one of their employee came to me to talk in private and gave me an address of another person who repairs MacBooks where I live! I went to them and that person gave me an expense of $400 which is way better than spending $750 as he will be providing me Original part just like ifixit provides us! And will also give 3 months replacement warranty just like Apple!! N I’m satisfied with this because he also told me about TCON board!

So overall I’ll be on track from tomorrow!! I will be able to start working on my projects and development!! Thank you so much for helping me!


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