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Help! Why is iSight not working?

I bought my macbook pro from a friend who fixes up computers. When I took it home the iSight didn't work, it doesn't show up in the usb in system profiler and i get this message when i open up photobooth, "There is no connected camera." My friend opened it up and reconnected the cables, reset the p-ram and all that stuff. It still does not work. Do I need to buy this replacement cable/parts? MacBook Pro 15" (Models A1226/A1260) iSight Assembly


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Hand the computer back to the friend and tell him you paid for a working computer and did not get one.

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Drop the folder iSightFix inside /Library/StartupItems

download it here-->


Terminal instructions:

$ cd /Library/StartupItems

$ sudo chown -R root iSightFix

$ sudo chgrp -R wheel iSightFix

$ sudo chmod -R 755 iSightFix

$ ls -l

drwxr-xr-x 6 root wheel 204 9 Dec 10:25 iSightFix

The correct permissions should look like this (doing Apple-I on the iSightFix folder):

Many thanks for publishing this patch.

At first it did not work for me, but it did when I modified the Info.plist contained

in the AppleUSBVideoSupport.kext package to match the Vendor and Product IDs shown in

the System Profiler.

When you get a "Vendor specific" USB device, instead of "Built-in iSight", it means

that Vendor ID and/or Product ID in the firmware are corrupted. In order to force firmware

reloading, you must thus:

1. Take note of "Vendor ID" and "Product ID" shown in System Profiler;

2. Convert the two IDs from hexidecimal to decimal. You can find a conversion utility

here: http://www.statman.info/conversions/hexa...

Example. If Vendor ID is 0xffac, type ffac in the converter and click on "to decimal"

button (result for ffac is 65452);

3. Take note of the two decimal values;

4. Open the downloaded iSightFix folder;

5. Open the Resources folder;

6. Cntrl-click on AppleUSBVideoSupport.kext;

7. Choose "Show package contents";

8. Open the Contents folder;

9. Double click on the Info.plist;

10. Expand IOKitPersonalities (click on the arrow at left);

11. Expand "Video support";

12. Modify the value of idProduct to match the decimal value of "Product ID";

13. Modify the value of idVendor to match the decimal value of "Vendor ID";

14. Save Info.plist (File menu->save);

15. Quit "Property List Editor";

16. Drop the folder iSightFix inside /Library;/StartupItems, change permissions as

described and restart your Mac;

17. Once the iSight is recognized by Mac OS/X, move the folder

iSightFix from /Library/StartupItems to the Trash (you will be prompted for your password).

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