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lid lock light flashing, clicking, beeping, turing on/off, error f5

my washer has started beeping repeatedly, showing error code f5. During this it is also clicking and powering its self on and off and the lid lock light is flashing. Touching the control buttons does nothing. After about a half hour it stops and I can start a load but sometime between starting and finishing it starts all over again. Unplugging it does not help as it starts immediately once plugged back in.

maytag top load washer model #MVWB955FW0

it is approximately 3-4 yrs old

I plan to do the repairs myself if a how to can be found

Update (08/07/2019)

Nothing to completely fix it yet. I use an air compressor and blow the lid lock until the beeping stopped. I live in a very sandy area and sand is in the water and most everything that goes into the washer so possibly the sand is interfering with the lock mechanism. Also wondering if its a humidity issue. Im in florida and my washer is out in the garage. Over the winter it worked without a problem. Once spring hit with the rain and humidity it started throwing the error again. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

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Having the same issue. Ours is 6 years old.. Live in Coastal GA, its in our garage, started doing it about 5 weeks ago randomly and now every load. I just looked and I can see some sandy like material around lock mechanism in lid. I keep the area in the base where it goes pretty clean but as you said...Sand is everywhere.

I'm going to try my water pik with white vinegar and see if I can dislodge it.


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After unplugging the washer I removed the lock mechanism pushing the washerdrum towards the front made access to the screws easier.

Block Image

Using a flat-tipped screwdriver to unlatch the back of the mechanism

Block Image

two on the wire side one in the middle and one on the other end. Then dried and cleaned the contacts “ electrical contact cleaner would do best.”

Block Image

Block Image

Lubed the slide mechanism and gear with white lithium grease. Then reassemble and reinstall in reverse order. Plug back in.

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THANK YOU! saved me money and the headache of having it repaired. super easy following your directions - much appreciated sir!

FYI - we were having just the quick blink F5 and latch noise - wife saw on another site that it might be more $$ and a harder fix - had nothing to lose so I tried this and it worked!


Thank you. I had the same problem. I saw that there's an issue on a different forum with humity being the problem. When I first got my washer it was back in 2016 and it was set up in the kitchen in an mobile home until November 2019. Never had any issues til I moved. I live in Texas, so yeah we have humity. I moved November of 2019 and now my washer and dryer are set up in a homemade shed outside. I started having random issues during the summer of 2020 and about 2-3 months ago it wasn't reliable 50-75% of the time. It wouldn't finish a full cycle. I was having issues with it repeating the wash cycle. It would show 44 mins remaining and over an hour later it still showed 44 mins remaining. It would then beep, drain, and shut off leaving the clothes soaked. I have the Maytag Bravos XL MVWB853DW0 model. I pulled the switch out, opened, (leaving all wiring intact) wiped the circuit with a alcohol wipe. Slid the lock back and fourth, wiped again until I didn't see any crud on the circuit. Replaced and it worked!


Best help ever - it worked!! Thank you so much!!! It saved us an expensive repairman visit/new part. The humidity in the summer in the south has gotten to our washer every time, and this is the first time we've been able to do something that actually fixed it.


This worked great! The contacts on the sliding conductors were dirty (see third image). After cleaning them and putting everything back together as shown above washer started working again. Thanks!


Holy cow, you just saved me a lot of money. Thank you!

I did take out the two screws in the back of the washer to lift the top up. Much easier to access the lock. Also when unlocking the locking mechanism. Start with the single lock side, then do the middle, then the side with the two catches.

I cleaned all the gunk off the contacts and everything worked like a champ.


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There are two F5’s F5E2 and F5E3

the last 2 digits after F5 may not be

displayed on washer.

F5e2 means: lid lock will not lock. A item in the load maybe keeping the lid from locking. Check under lid for object.

F5e3 means: Lid can NOT unlock. Check for heavy items on top of lid such as baskets of laundry preventing it from unlocking.

Control Panel Not responding: Control lock is on. Turn control lock off so you can use control panel or modify settings.

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This worked!!! Helped my mom out within 10 minutes!! And I’ma girl LOL Thank you!!


I just did this & it worked like a charm!! Saved me money & more important alot of time! Thank you!


My Bravos XL says E3, F5, in the “ cleaning washer “ cycle, but the lid is UNLOCKED! I can’t get it to do anything but run those errors


Thank you, your solution worked for me Caswell. Saved a tone of money fixing it myself


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