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Revamped version of the iPhone 3G with faster processing speeds. Repair of this device is similar to the 3G, and requires simple screwdrivers and prying tools. Model A1303 / 16 or 32 GB capacity / black or white plastic back.

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Why wont my iPhone recognize any charger?

my iPhone received water damage last night. it worked fine but wont connect to any charger and now that the charge is gone the phone is nothing more than a paperweight. i was wondering which part you think is damaged. im hearing battery, dock connector, and fuse on the logic board. i personally think its the connector but id like to get a more experienced persons opinion before i end up buying all three to find out that the last thing i bought is what was the problem.

it will not charge on anything and itunes doesn't recognize it. what do you think?

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I really don't mean to chime in here. But there is no way to attach an image to a comment, that is why I am posting this as an answer. I am now going on the assumption that you followed the advise of pollytintop and Richdave. i.e.replacing your dock connector as well as your battery. There have been issues with the batteries and a lot of people have had to replace them multiple times until they got a good working one. Anyhow the only other thing that I would suggest is that you check the two fuses on your iPhone. I am talking about the charging and the battery fuse. Use a multimeter to check for continuity.

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oldturkey you are answering,not commenting and not "chiming" in! it's a good answer too.. I think it's the next logical step if nothing else has worked. +

by pollytintop

I just feel that the OP may get all confused if I start throwing more stuff in there. I know that you and Richdave were going in that direction as well, that is why I prefer to hang back and try to comment to elicit more information. Some of the info usually gets missed in the original question. You know the usual "Oh, by the way ...." ;-) I appreciate your kindness, as always. :-)

by oldturkey03

mine did the exact same thing, what i did was open up my phone through the screen. then i cleaned all the numbers under the screen with the connecters with a cotton swab. put it back together plugged it and it started chargeing.

by jordan schwartz

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it may be a faulty dock connector. Inspect the dock connector closely and see if there are signs of damage, corrosion or missing pins etc.

You should take a look at THIS guide too

Also check out this tool: iPhone 3GS Dock Connector

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Repairing iPhone Liquid Damage

by pollytintop Difficulty: Difficult1 - 2 小时

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if your talking about the cable, thats not the problem, i have tried it with two docks, the charger connected to the wall, and the charger connected to the computer. itunes wont even recognize it. i came in from the rain, cleaned it off, and the next morning it was at 40% im just wondering which part i need to replace

by steven vitale

steve... look at the liquid repair guide..try cleaning the phone, you'd be surprised at what can be done by cleaning and without spending money on parts. It's a tricky call.. most damage is usually to the battery because we naturally place the phone on it's back to dry (where the battery is)...so it tends to corrode contacts etc. itunes will not recognise a phone if the battery is too dead. BUT both these symptoms may be the dock connector itself. So clean the phone, if the battery looks ok (you'll need to lift the motherboard out to see the entire battery connections) then clean the dock +++ and see if that helps.

by pollytintop

@pollytintop i opened the phone. the battery has blue markings on it and all was dried out. i don't know if thats a sign of water damage. when i woke up and the phone wouldn't charge i plugged it into itunes at lets say 35% so itunes wouldn't read it when it had power. when i plug it into the dock i get a "charge the battery" symbol everything in the phone looked normal, but then again i don't really know in detail what an iphone is supposed to look like. now that its back together nothing much has changed

by steven vitale

if it helps i only had it in the rain. light rain not heavy. but it was a good 20-25 minutes that it got rained on. im amazed because ive done this before and nothing bad has come of it. i WAS talking on it.

by steven vitale

did you look at the link? iphone's have a white sticker that turns pink if there is moisture inside the phone ..the 2 stickers are on top of the motherboard shield(they don't change back to white when it dries out!)clean the dock connector and see what happens

by pollytintop

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see if it charges turned off after it the "this accessory may not be supported" message appears.

It happened to me and I changed both,the battery and the port but it didn't change anything

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