missing logic board component question

On examination of an A1286 logic board there are two surface mount components that are missing from this board. Attached is a photo showing the missing components. From a photo I found of what this board should look like I believe them to be resistors. Can anybody confirm this and help me with component values?

thanks in advance


Block Image

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FYI - This is a re-worked board! The GPU chip was re-balled or replaced.

I'm assuming you are trying to get the logic board working.

Lets try this restart your system and hold the Tkey to get the system into Target disk mode are you able to get it to do that?

I'll need to find my older board view files to see if I can ID them.


Thanks Dan but no, this is a board fresh out of its chassis. There is no video and I am told that the GPU needs to be re-balled and re-attached. I was about to unsolder it using my rework station to do so when I noticed the missing components.


Did you pull off the under-fill at the corners of the GPU?

Did you test the board as I outlined? Do you see the FireWire/Thunderbolt icons on the screen?


There was no screen activity at all in any mode. The machine was working then video became intermittent and finally stopped displaying anything. The unit has been mothballed for over a year and I have been asked to re-ball/reflow the GPU.


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