View my hidden iCloud password?

My iCloud password is automatically populated when I try to log in. But. The password is hidden, as in the round radial dots, instead of visible characters. No problem, right? Wrong. It comes back telling me my password is incorrect. I can't see it. I can't remember it. I've tried IN ENDLESS VAIN to reset it. (That's a joke!). And I do not store/save passwords. So. How can I:

Change the necessary setting to make passwords visible instead of hidden? Or,

Change my Backup from iCloud to my Google (i.e) acct? Or,

Any other possible idea.

Main goal:

Backup (or copy) ALL existing data on the iPhone to ensure it will never be lost or erased as I am not using that cell anymore. (Or Apple products for that matter!)

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i would try going to and see if you can do the forgot password steps, once you can log in you may change the password and try entering the new password on your phone.


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