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Studio speakers Mackie CR5BT no sound

Hello guys

I’m user of Mackie CR5BT. Worked for me very good last 15 months till today.

I switch on my computer and no sound. I checked all cables , also by bluetooth, nothing work , silence. When I put headphones to headphone connector on front panel , normally work in headphones sound , that connection from computer to speakers working good.

Any advice how fix it ? I found some from CR3 version, to connect and unconnect headphones , but it is not work in my CR5 version.

Thanks in advance

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1 Answer

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Start by looking in the user manual. If you’ve lost your manual, go to this link for a PDF:

In the manual, go to the “Troubleshooting” section and look for the heading ‘No Sound’' for some simple checks to perform, e.g. to see whether the speaker set has power & whether the problem is just in one speaker (in which case it could be a bad cable).

If no joy, and you’re still under warranty, the next page gives instructions for pursuing repair under warranty. If you’re not under warranty, you’re faced with a more difficult situation. For more expensive Mackie speakers & gear, helpful info is available such as block diagrams, schematics, etc.; but for your speakers, this doesn’t seem to be the case. It could be something relatively simple, but if you don’t have electronics repair experience, it might too much for you.

If there’s a local repair shop near you that works on things like stereos, amps, TVs, etc., it’s possible they might be able to fix it for a reasonable cost - again, if the problem is something simple, which it probably is.

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Hello Randy

Thanks for your answer. This all I know what you wrote. I’m ham radio operator and I know something about electronic. Problem is I’m in Asia now far from home, and dont have any electronic stuff with me. I found on forum some advice about model CR3 and CR4 , with headphone socket and cut pin 5 in chip TDA7265 … I made this post to find someone who had same problem but with my model CR5BT. My speakers out of guarancy now. That only I can open speakers and cut pin 5 on chip if someone confirm me it , also who did on own speakers.


COMMENT PART 1 - This part of your original post is confusing to me - it's a matter of the wording: "When I put headphones to headphone connector on front panel , normally work in headphones sound , that connection from computer to speakers working good."

Do you mean that when you plug headphones into the headphone port on the front panel of the left-hand Mackie, everything works as expected? Meaning not just sound, but the volume knob on the Mackie works to control the volume?

If so, then I would suggest editing the title of your question to make this clear. Besides that, I guess it would be good news that headphones still worked - in the sense that perhaps there is just a problem with muting of the speakers occurring, as in the case of the CR3 where someone did a rather ugly fix by cutting the mute pin on the chip.



Continuing -

On that same thread about the CR3, someone else mentioned an easier way - just get the headphone jack to work properly again. One of the spring contact points in the jack acts as a switch & if it is connecting when it shouldn't be that would engage the mute. So if if it were me, I wouldn't do surgery on the chip (regardless of whether it's a TDA7265 or some other chip), I'd try & see if I could take apart the speaker enough to get that jack out of its socket & see if it's the problem; if so it could be easily replaced.

If you don't have any tools w/ you, you might not be able to do such work easily - but you could at least try plugging & unplugging a cord into the headphone jack to see if that would free up the contact switch?

At any rate I think whatever you do, without a schematic or anyone else posting on the web about this problem, you're on your own in terms of trying to solve it. But as I would say I would try & fix the jack before I mutilated the chip.


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