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White screen after new screen


I recently broke my ipod's lcd screen so i ordered a new one off ebay and replaced that. now when i close it all up and restart it, I get a very black screen with no apple logo and then a white screen. the white screen stays like this for about 10 seconds and then turns off. is this a mother/logic board problem? a battery problem? anyone else had this happen?

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Derek Muhl, make sure that teh ribbon cable is properly seated. It does have a tendency of going in crooked. Also make sure that the clip is engaged to make sure that the cable makes proper contact. If all that is appropriate, I would change the LCD one more time, just to make sure that the one you have actually works. After that I would definitely think about changing the logic board. Oh yes, and of course you do want to try Apple's reset procedure as well....;-)Good Luck

I agree. My only hesitation to get a new screen is that when I had my old cracked one I used it for a couple days and could still read the screen a little. So I decided to open up the iPod and make sure it really was broken. then when I closed it up, I could no longer see any words. It was like the white screen I have now, but in a cracked screen view. So im not sure its a screen problem, I must have messed something up inside when I took a look. Ive tried hard resets and restoring it on itunes

Derek Muhl,

Derek, just go ahead and check the connector. I always found this particular generation a little "touchy" with its connectors and the clasps that hold the cable in. Since you just changed the display I'd go ahead and double check the connector and the cable.


went ahead and unplugged and replugged the ribbon cable and now it works again! Thanks!

Derek Muhl,

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