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The HP Officejet 4630 is a wireless color inkjet all-in-one printer.

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Ink cartridge failure help

I have a HP 4630 OfficeJet Printer. I have a new HP 61 black ink cartridge that I ordered from HP. I put it in the printer, and it continually says, " Ink Cartridge Failure". I have done all I know to do, reset the printer, cleaned the contacts, etc. I have been on and nothing works. It is out warranty, so you can only access information on for tech help. Does anyone know anything to help me with this problem?

Here is other messages that shows on the printer

1. Ink Cartridge(s) Problem The following Ink Cartridges must be replaced. I have brand new ink cartridges.

2. It was printing about 2 weeks ago, when I replaced the empty ink cartridge. Then, it stopped. I called HP and they sent another one. Now, it will not accept the new cartridge. 

3. I have downloaded print drivers from and I have uninstalled and reinstalled the printer software about 4x.

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2 Answers

It’s likely a problem with the contact strip in your printer, but you may get lucky and have a bad ink cartridge. Get it exchanged and see if it happens with another cartridge. If it happens with two or more, it's likely caused by a faulty contact strip.

This is kind of a stretch, but you may be able to clean the contacts with 99% isopropyl or denatured alcohol. Try this as a last resort if you want to try and repair the printer or you cannot afford to replace it. DO NOT wipe the cartridges; just the printer.

Since this is an HP 60 series printer, it was probably cheap to purchase just to begin with and the repair costs will always total these printers out. I would just buy a new one and cut your losses. While nearly all printers are totaled out due to repair costs when they fail, it is is especially normal on low cost models like this one.

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I have 2 brand new HP 61 black ink cartridges ordered from and they still don't work. I don't have any money to purchase a new one. Yes, my sister purchased it new at Walmart for around $60 about 2 years ago. We don't have the money right now to buy a new one. I found a lot of old ink down inside when I looked into it with my flash light. I believe it is blocking the new cartridges. I may try to take a Qtip and try to clean it out. Thank you.


I'm talking about a warranty exchange. Not a new cartridge. I've updated the answer to give you an idea that might work that I don't know if you've tried yet. Try and exchange both cartridges and only open one just in case it's the printer and not the ink, assuming both are open.

The problem with repairing a printer is the repairs usually cost as much as a whole new one, especially on low-cost models like this one. I get where you're coming from but if the service station is that full the waste ink pad it's likely to be just as bad unless you clean the wiper covers, the pad and drain it. I would replace it ASAP in that case if you clean it because you need to get a little more use out of it before you can afford to replace it.


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Whew! I have been at this printer off and on and had tried everything. Lo and behold, today I just took some scotch tape and taped over the bottom of the ink cartridge (The part where the original tape comes when you buy a new one and take it off) and inserted it back into the printer, then I took the tape off and inserted the cartridge back in the printer. All of a sudden the error message "ink cartridge failure" was gone and the control panel on the printer showed and was up ready to print. I can't even explain it. But, it is printing again. Thanks everyone!

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