Unresponsive touch screen and buttons press themselves

Hello… get ready because this will be a bit of a long read, but I would greatly appreciate it if you could make it to the end and help me out

So I found a super cheap New 3DS Xl to replace my original on eBay for just £45, the only catch was that it had an unknown fault that was preventing it from turning on, having experience in fixing original DSes, I thought it was worth a shot to try and fix it. After it arrived I immediately tried to turn it on to see what happens, it would turn on for about a second and make a pop noise and then turn off, after some research on the Internet, I found out that the speaker flexi cable breaks because it’s unprotected from the hinge (wtf nintendo?) after trying to power it on without the speakers plugged in, nothing, I tried it without a camera AND the speakers plugged in and to my absolute surprise and shock, it turned on BUT it has other issues.

First of all, as soon as it turns on, the menu selection goes crazy and navigates on it’s own for about 6 seconds, then it stops and I can control it, the analogue stick module is completely screwed as the flexi cable has visible damage, so maybe a missing analogue stick makes it go crazy? (and yes of course I unplugged the stick) the touch-screen is also unresponsive but maybe the absence of the analogue stick causes that… the digitizer ribbon cable is a bit crumpled but the tracks inside the ribbon look alright. And then there is the problem of the 3D control not working, whether it’s on or off, the display is always 3D and sound is always on max volume so display slider controls do not work, because there is no camera I would expect weird 3D behavior but why uncontrollable sound? could the missing camera module be causing both to be uncontrollable? or maybe the speaker and slider control flexi cable is a little damaged but not sufficiently enough to affect sound and only controls?

After loads of thinking I came to the following conclusion

It could be that the missing analogue stick somehow makes the 3DS think that there is some input going on, and because of that it also affects touch-screen input (and that’s assuming the digitizer ribbon is not damaged and makes contact) because although it stops after the first 6 seconds of the 3DS being turned on, there is constant input when I try to play games so it never really stops and maybe that’s what screws touch-screen input. As for the unresponsive slider controls on the display for 3D and sound control, I can only assume that the missing camera module is causing it OR the flexi cable is damaged after all but not enough to cause a short and prevent the 3DS from starting up.

All things considered, the worst case scenario would be even after I get a new digitizer and analogue stick as well as a new camera module, that the problems will persist which will mean that the problems are in the main board and I just wasted money but that’s why I am here, maybe I could get a second opinion in all this from experts, I should also mention that the 3DS was tampered with before I got it (missing rubber pads and scratches around screw holes) I don’t think he/she managed to get on the upper part of the unit but judging from the messed up digitizer ribbon, i’d say it’s a safe bet he/she got on the lower part

If you reached the end, I thank you and I am terribly sorry for this awfully long post, hours of thinking = lots of information unfortunately. Hopefully somebody can help, thank you again!

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