Internal LCD is detached but still recognized as connected


I have an Asus VivoBook X202E with broken display. Display is completely removed and I have only the bottom part.

External monitor works fine after Windows has booted, but POST screen, BIOS screen or Windows boot logo is not displayed in external monitor.

I have no intention of adding a new internal LCD but I want to be able to use external monitor fully and always as the primary display so that I can see the BIOS configuration , Windows setup etc.


This was a computer of a relative. Internal display was broken. They replaced the internal display in repairshop but couldn’t manage to make it work even after trying several of them. In the end they detached the upper part of the computer and gave back the bottom part and lastly my relative gave it to me.

Block Image


  • I tried pressing Fn+F8 (switch display) in BIOS screen but it doesn’t work. It works when Windows is booted (shows the same Win+P menu)
  • Windows display settings panel shows 2 monitors connected. I can use all display extending/mirroring configurations and I can set it to exclusively use only monitor 1 or monitor 2; even though there is only 1 monitor attached (external)


Block Image


  • I think this may be the reason BIOS screen is not mirrored to external display. Somehow the internal lcd is still recognized as connected thus BIOS screen (and other VGA mode screens like boot menu or Windows setup) are not mirrored in external monitor.

What is displayed

  • Windows after it fully boots
  • Ubuntu (boot screen and after boot)

What is not displayed

  • POST screen
  • BIOS
  • Windows boot logo/animation
  • Windows setup screen

Other pictures

Disconnected LVDS connector

Block Image

Full board

Block Image

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