Need help reconnecting trackpad ribbon cable to motherboard!

Hi. I replaced the battery on my 5-year old Chromebook. After it charged I had no cursor. I disconnected the trackpad and cleaned it with alcohol and replaced, replacing the ribbon cables, etc. Still no cursor. However, in the process of cleaning I disconnected ribbon cable port from the motherboard on the opposite end from the trackpad. I shouldn’t have done this. I thought it didn’t look like it was seated properly so I pulled up on it. Now I don’t know how to reconnect it. It doesn’t seem intuitive. Does it snap into place (doesn’t seem so)? Do I get it flush with the motherboard and push it forward toward the back of the computer? When I was playing around with it I noticed a tiny metal bracket or “arm” to the left of the place where the port should be seated. I inadvertently broke that off the board when I tried to bend it. I’m hoping that this can be fixed. The ribbon cable is securely clamped in the port, but the port is not connected to the motherboard. Also, still don’t know how I lost the cursor nor how to get it back. Thank you in advance for your great instructions and photos. I hope you can help me. I have the Samsung Chromebook 3. Thank you in advance!….elaine

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