My 60gb PS3 don't read discs and fan is always Loud!

I bought a 60gb backwards compatible PS3 (CECHC03) and it turned out that after 5 minutes it would over heat and the fan would kick in like crazy to it's max speed. A popup would come up saying the PS3 has become hot and will switch off automatically with a blinking red light. A friend of mine told me it would most likely need a thermal paste change.

I also looked up on other things i could do to make the console run cooler and I found out that changing the PSU for a APS-231 unit (found in the 40gb models) and changing the fan to a 19 blade one. My console already had a 19 blade fan so I thought money saved and bought a APS-231 PSU and fitted that. I cleaned all and any dust inside the console. I had also cleaned and prepped the CPU and GPU chips and heatsink chips with arcti-clean cleaner and purifying fluid before applying IC-Diamond thermal paste. After doing this I left the console for 24 hours for the paste to cure and tried it.. all seemed well.. for a short while. The console would stay on it's minimum fan setting for about 5 minutes and then kick up speed every 2 minutes till it reaches its highest setting and it stays there. The console doesn't overheat and no popup comes saying that the console is hot and doesn't switch off. I felt the air coming out the back and it felt very cool. I don't get it why would the console stay on it's max fan setting when it is not even warm.

Another problem I had found out that it didn't read any discs. It would take and eject the discs fine and the blue light would be on but it would never seem to read em at all. I can hear the drive spinning up and the clock icon on the screen in the top corner spinning showing the console is doing something but nothing would happen and no disc would pop up on screen. This goes for PS3 discs, PS2 discs, PS1 discs, DVDs and CDs. I had bought another complete drive of the same model and it came with it's own ribbon cable. I had fitted that and the same thing would happen.. take in and eject discs fine but no reading. This is really bugging me as I've spent a bit of money on this console and it's given me nothing.. does anyone know what this can be.

Thanks in advance

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I'm not sure about the disk drive issue, (it is likely the main board) but the fat PS3s have a reputation for running quite loudly.

I doubt the 2 issues are correlated, though.


I've owned a later 80gb non backwards compatible model for a couple of years at it has never failed me. Doesn't run loud at all and I hardly clean or maintain it tbh. It will probably start getting a bit louder after longed use and if in a tight space but it is no where as loud as the 60gb I've got. Tbh this has been the first time I've heard all the fan speeds


@zoba786 Hmm, that's odd. I've never owned one of these myself, this is just what I've heard, so I could be incorrect.


The 60gb console sounds like a jet/Hoover it's that loud


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