Amp powers on but no output from sub

This is a low profile amp with the sub built in. The Blaupunkt GTHS80 to be specfic.

Just a small 8 inch to fill out the empty space my stock speakers left behind.

I know this isn’t a ground or power issue because it worked for half a day after I installed it, there have been no changes to the head units settings or the wiring since.

How it happened:

I drove my car, with the sub working, turned the car off and didn’t notice anything unusual. A few hours later when I needed to use my car again, I noticed the sub was no longer working. There were no odd noises or inconsistencies upon starting the car, just simply no output. The amp still receives power with a green light that is not dim in the slightest, the red protection light is not lit, and the remote level control knob still receives power as well.

I have tested the ground at 3 separate points on the chassis that aren’t painted, same result, power, but no output. I have checked the fuse on the amp, on the head unit, and the inline fuse near the battery, all are pristine. I have tested different RCAs only to have the same result. I have it mounted to the back of the seat as it is in a 2000 Ford Focus Wagon, I have taken it off the seat and tested it unsecured on the off chance it was grounding with the steel the brackets were screwed in to and somehow affecting anything.

I am very new to this world, and I did have friends who are experienced help with the install and take a look, to no avail. We’re really at a loss.

I really don’t want to have to return this thing. Any ideas would really be appreciated.

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