My Xbox won’t turn on anymore. Is it broken permanently?

I’ve had my xbox original for all my life. About 15 or so years. It’s slowly been degrading, cords have worn down, most of the controllers don’t work, and most importantly the power button does not work. The only way we’ve been able to turn the Xbox off as of late is to unplug the cord. I was playing on it as usual and the screen froze with a loud blaring noise. I unplugged the Xbox and plugged it back in. It lit up and began to turn on for a few seconds then quickly turned off again. I tried again by unplugging and plugging it back in and it kept turning on for a few seconds but then quickly turning off. The power cord was slightly loose and you could move the metal parts (which were a little bent) of the plug. I’m not sure if the plug is the problem and I need a new cord or if there is something wrong internally with the Xbox. Or is it broken permanently?

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if the plug pins are loose then likely the power is not reaching the PCB.. you need to fix the power button and the ac input by the sounds of things and then see where you're at. finding a broken xbox is the most likely way of finding spare parts these days. good luck.


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