Second generation of iPhone. Model A1241 / 8 or 16 GB capacity / black or white plastic back. Repair is more straightforward than the first iPhone. requires screwdrivers, prying, and suction tools.

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power button seems stuck, headp jack assembly replacement did not fix

I had an iPhone with a power button that seemed stuck. It constantly rebooted. Only when connected to iTunes it stayed on. The power button is physically not damaged or stuck. But when holding down the home button it restarts. So I concluded that I needed to replace the headphone jack assembly, because that is where the actual switch is.

So I did, new headphone jack assembly, but the problem remains.

To be sure, I can press the power button, and I feel it click. There is no physical damage on the phone.

Anybody an idea what I might have to replace next? The power button itself doesn't seem to have any electronics, so I guess replacing that does not do anything?

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You say “It constantly rebooted” at what point does the iPhone reboot? What is on the screen at the time of the reboot? You say “Only when connected to iTunes it stayed on.” What is on the screen at this time? Is the iPhone fully functional when connected to iTunes? When connected to iTunes, what information is present on the iTunes window? You say, “But when holding down the home button it restarts.” Again what are the circumstances of being able to use the Home Button as the restart switch? When using the Home Button as the restart switch does the iPhone turn on and become fully functional?


When the phone is not connected it constantly reboots: I see the Apple logo for 3 seconds, then the screen goes black for 8 seconds. The the cycle restarts.

When I connect to my PC, the Apple logo stays, and the phone boot-up completes. When booted and connected, I can do everything as normal (except pushing the sleep button to have the screen go blank).

When I disconnect the phone, it does not start rebooting immediatly. The phone continues working normal (except sleep button) until I don't touch the phone and it goes in sleep mode automatically. Then it starts the continuous reboot cycle.


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this actually sounds like a battery problem, when the battery is dying it doesn't have enough power to boot fully hence the boot cycle. when you plug the phone in then the current is being drained from the computer source and not the battery hence why you can use the phone.

Try changing the battery , by my reckoning this would be about 2-3 years old so at the end of it's life anyway.

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Not sure... When connected to iTunes the sleep button does not work, meaning, the screen does not go black then.

Alos, when connected, when I keep pushing the home button (and whithout pushing the sleep button), it restarts, indicating that the hardware at least thinks the sleep button is being pushed also.

Anyway, I have a second iPhone, so I will try to swap batteries to be sure.


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