Segway Teardown, Inside, how it work's?



I'd like to konw more about the Segway, i have found nothing about the boards like hires pics and what mIcrocontrollers are used? Only that the Performance is 3x Faster then a PC but how fast..?

Anyone Know a Site? ore has an Segway ^^


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3gFish, honestly I am a little confused. By Segway you mean the two wheeled self-balancing personal transport? What performance is being compared to a PC not sure what you are asking for. Sorry but hope you can clarify that for me. Now I am curious ;-)


Take a look at this forum and see if it has the information that you are looking for. http://forums.segwaychat.com/index.php


- Segway you mean the two wheeled self-balancing personal transport? Yes I mean the Same like an iPhone teardown, what types of Controller/CPUs are used how fast are they? GHz? How does the Motor controll work? Brushles? Fets used?... Everything ^^ how much Ah has the Lipo or how many Single Akkus are in one of them... Thx for the Forum but the Technology Forum is empty ^^ i Hope you understand my bad english *sorry* Thx


Your english is fine. Still working on finding more information for you. Very interesting subject....


its an older webside and segway http://www.ecaa.ntu.edu.tw/weifang/Segwa... the pic's are nice but the full view is offline :-(


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Here is some information I could compile...

Batteries: The HT model uses two NiMH, and each is rated at 72V 350W/hr. The PT has higher density, might be LiPO I can't recall, The batteries have energy monitoring over I2C, and a secretive measuring system. The batteries are recharged partially by regenerative braking. The batteries are sealed against moisture. The batteries last 500 cycles, each cycle gives ten miles range, and cost $600 a set.

Motors: The traction motors drive each wheel through approx 100:1 gear reduction and are rated at one horse power each. The motors have two identical but isolated sets of windings and are linked to two identical controllers.

Controllers: Two identical three-phase controllers. Fully redundant. Can operate together (for 2hp peak per wheel) or operate on one controller (failure protection). Based on a TI 32bit DSP, 30+ megaflops/sec.

User interface: Original model has a twist grip with hall-effect sensors (two sets) for steering and a dual port LCD. Later model has a pivoted steering column for steering. The LCD and steering talk over dual redundant CAN buses.

Gyros: There are five, with dual redundant cross-linked pairs driving separate DSP controllers. There must be software parity on gyro data to process a motor engagement.

Overall there are eight or ten Microchip microcontrollers, plus the two TI DSPs. On five (?) PCBs. Which interconnect to form two electrically isolated (but optically or magnetically linked) systems.

Nice research +


Thx very much, do you know how many Amperes and Volts one Motor max get


http://www.segway.com/downloads/pdfs/Ref... for the user manual and still trying to find more info...


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