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Screen backlight is not working...ok when plugged into a monitor.


Macbook Pro 1.83 Intel Core Duo

Hello, my problem all started with my screen flickering with the moving of the screen up and down, I changed the display data cable, the inverter and the isight cable...the problem remained. At one point, I thought it might be the isight/inverter cable that comes out of the left hand side of the hinge...so I purchased another one and replaced that one as well. and since I've changed those three cables, actually now there's no more flicker...the screen just has the faint image...should I try changing the other side of the inverter cable as well? Or am I dead in the water and just need a new LCD? I plugged my mb pro into a monitor and the images are just fine...so i think I might need another lcd screen...any help would be appreciated.

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If you're still getting a faint image, your inverter or inverter cables has failed. Here's the part you need, the installation guide is located of the parts page: MacBook Pro 15" (Models A1150/A1211) Display Inverter

Product Image

MacBook Pro 15" (Models A1150/A1211) Display Inverter

A bad inverter board can cause a dead backlight — 2 available at 14.95 each.

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thank you so much for the response...do you have the link for the inverter cables?

Gary Lam,

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