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Released in 2013, the Alienware X51 R2 is an updated version of the original Alienware X51 desktop gaming computer. It has a compact case, but can be upgraded with many off-the-shelf PC components.

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I feel like my HDD is overheating.

I feel like my computer's hard drive is overheating. Sometimes, when I try to put on my computer, the boot screen shows up, but it doesn't boot to windows. Note: my pc doesn't say that I have no bootable drive! When I get my pc on, it's constantly hot and when I open up task manager it shows my drive is having 100% utilisation.

Please help.

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I tore down my pc and made sure it's dust proof.


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You can use this to view the various sensors on your computer. A reasonable operating temperature range of a laptop hard disk is 5-60 C, but temperatures between 35-45 C have lower failure rates over prolonged exposure. You can get exact figures if you look up the model number of your hard disk and find its spec sheet.

More likely, though, is that it's just a slow hard disk. You could try defragmenting, running windows disk cleanup, or closing unwanted background programs with the task manager.

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I think my HDD just feels hot because of the heat that gets blown in the case coming from the hot CPU. I guess this bottlenecks every other component. I ran a stress test and temps got up from around 60 degrees idle to 100 degrees Celsius real quick.. I guess my drive is slow and my CPU needs a new cooler, right?



Sin e the Alienware X51 R2 is a small form factor PC, it's unlikely you'll findba third party cooler that will fit, due to the proprietary nature of the system. What you can do is change the thermal compound on the heatsink with better stuff. Haswell tebds to run hot but 100 C is unacceptable. Although, artificial benchmarks tend to heat the CPU to a degree far exceeding any sort of realistic load, Prime95 especially. For Haswell, the x264 stress test is recommended.


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The computer not booting up could be a windows problem. Your hdd (hard drive) could be at 100 percent because the os you are running takes up a lot of space, or that you have too many things running on it at once. I suggest that if you have another drive installed, you could reinstall windows to the other drive. Make sure that the other drive has more storage than the other one because like I said this could be a storage problem. If you don’t have another drive then you should buy a solid state drive, and use that. To reinstall windows, go to settings, click on update and security, then click on recovery. There will be a reset this pc option this will let you remove or keep personal files, then reinstalls windows. If you installed the 2nd drive correctly, the computer should automatically detect the second drive, and ask you which one you want to install windows onto. I suggest that you use the solid state because they are faster than a hard drive, and windows will boot quicker. You can feel the difference. If you did everything correct, then your pc should boot faster, and with no problems.

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