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Need Asus rescue password for 2018 06 03

I need rescue password for 2018 06 03

Answer this question I have this problem too

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Ignore the year, confirm the date and try this list of password

2008-06-03 A0AA2CAA

2008-06-04 AA1AAALA

2008-06-05 AA49OA0B

2008-06-06 AAAOABAL

2008-06-07 A2BBBALD

2008-06-08 AHBA1L0D

2008-06-09 ABDBABAB

2008-06-10 A0DBABDB

2008-06-11 ABABOAL0

2008-06-12 AA1AALAL

2008-06-13 AA0CBBDB

2008-06-14 ABAO1BL2

2008-06-15 BHOBAAA1

2008-06-16 BA0A0HD1

2008-06-17 LADLA1LC

2008-06-18 L1AB4AA9

2008-06-19 DO1A9BDB

2008-06-20 AOCA1HBA


hi guys.

I have asus x541u notebook.

iam trying to bypass the password. I have pressed alt+but there ishould no change on the screen. it still says “enter password”.


i have the exact same computer and problem, alt+r does nothing and theres nothing else i can do because the password comes up right away as soon as the computer is turned on, anyone know a solution


Pls I have Asus f541uv and alt+R doesn't work who can help?


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4 Answers

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Hi All,

For those having password issues,

Please visit this link below.


Subtract current year and get the password


2018 - 10 = 2008

2017 - 10 = 2007

.. etc

For example:

  • At the password prompt, press alt+r
  • Take note of the date displayed. For me it was 2017-05-11
  • Use Ctrl+F to search the paste bin for your month and date. I used "-05-11"
  • Use the codes you find until one of them works. Mine was the same code as 2007-05-11 from the paste bin.
  • It looks like the codes might repeat every 10 years. So I would suggest starting with the month and date combination from 10 years prior to whatever date is displayed after you press alt+r.

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My date range falls just outside the data in the list - 2012 01 01.

Any advice appreciated.


Thanks ! This solution works !


Perfect! Thanks man


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There is alot easier way to enter the Rescue Password. If no date appears when pressing the ALT+R keys follow instuctiond below.

E.G.. date being 31/10/2018 go back 10 years to date 31/10/2008 & enter Rescue Password listed beside that date.

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no date come up


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I need a rescue password for 2012/02/11

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Try this 0CABAAL0


Date change to 2012/02/24


2012-02-24 1accalaa

2012-02-25 caoodabb

2012-02-26 caba1bbl

2012-02-27 92aaalad

2012-02-28 90blb9bd

2012-03-01 daab1bla

2012-03-02 daoaaaba

2012-03-03 b20cbdaa

2012-03-04 bhdoabla

2012-03-05 ababao0b

2012-03-06 aa1a9aal

2012-03-07 410lb0ld


Rescue password for 2018/08/13 ?


rescue password 2018/08/16, please help.


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Hello, i have the same problem. I took apart my laptop to remove the little battery to reset the date. Now the date is 2012/03/20

When i try the code put up for 2002/03/20 it keeps saying its invalid. I tried the one from a day earlier and a day later aswell. I also tried changing the date in my windows to 2002/01/02 and using the password for that.. but when booting the password was still for 2012

Any suggestions please?

Much appreciated..

Update: so i changed the date to the one of today.

2019/01/13 wich worked because i booted to bios and hit alt+r and it asked for a password for that date. So i went to the bin and looked up the code for 2009/01/13 and it didn’t work. I even tried using o of 0 to make sure i didnt type it wrong the first time.

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