Revamped version of the iPhone 3G with faster processing speeds. Repair of this device is similar to the 3G, and requires simple screwdrivers and prying tools. Model A1303 / 16 or 32 GB capacity / black or white plastic back.

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What should I expect to see testing the battery with a meter?

I slipped and fell today with my iphone in my back pocket. the screen doesn't appear broken, but the phone does absolutely nothing, except hold down receipts on my desk if I ask it to. I dismantled the whole thing looking for loose connectors, a crack in a board, but the only thing I see suspicious is the battery appears to be a little floppy on one corner, like a cake of plaster with a cracked edge. The battery has four pins, and when laid out in front of me with the pins to the lower left edge looking down on it, pin 1-2 equals zero, 1-3 =2.5vdc, and 1-4 = 3.7vdc. Pins 2-3 and 2-4 are the same as pin 1. Is this correct? I'm concerned about the 2.5vdc reading, and can't find a pinout anywhere on the internet. weird.

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If your battery feels kind of spongy and you are not sure if it is right, replace it. It could easily be at the end of its lifespan anyhow. Also, the voltage really does not mean a whole lot unless you know that it says it was fully charged. Even then the voltage does only give you that but not the actual power.Voltage is useless without amperage and if there is NO voltage you have no amperage. Kind of goes together. So start with a new battery and see what happens. Now a dumb question and not meant as an insult. Did you try to reset your iPhone before you took it apart? Did it work on iTunes after it fell? Good Luck to you andlet us know how it is going.

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you ask a good question. Yes, I tried to connect it to my macbook - no luck. I tried resetting in the usual ways - no luck. the phone is less than a year old, but when you say "spongy", well, I'm not sure. My biggest question is getting it back online. If I then go on to replace the battery as well, so be it, but I need this phone back online quickly, and don't like shotgunning. If I need a motherboard, I'd love a definitive test so what I order Monday morning is the right thing. If I needed a battery, I was hoping for same. I feel good about having the full voltage on the outside pins, I was just hoping to explain the 2.5vdc reading from pins 1-3...


I just completed a full visual inspection of the motherboard including under the covers, didn't see anything cracks visible under the magnifying glass,


I'd go with your first instinct, replace the battery. Make sure that your dock connector is a-okay. Make sure that all the pins a re straight and not bend and that nothing is dislodged. It is very difficult to pinpoint exactly on what needs to be replaced since apples iphone is still and always will be shrouded in mystery protected by silent black helicopters ;-)


Ok, so in the end, it seems it was NOT the battery - my readings were normal. Whether the 2.5 Vdc was usual, or just happens to be where the battery was in terms of discharge I don't know, but the problem wasn't the battery, it was the logic board.


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