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This HP model was released in 2012. Upgrades include a anti-glare 15.6" screen and a finger print reader.

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Why does my laptop suddenly switch off?

I've had this laptop for about 3 years, but this problem surfaced about 4 months ago. The laptop will suddenly switch off, and will make a high pitched "click" noise as soon as the screen turns black. The "click" sound as best as I can describe, sort of sounds like a fingernail flicking the power button, but more high-pitched and mechanical.

I timed the intervals between each turn-off and it is about 25-30 minutes.

When pressing the power button once, sometimes it will light up (along with the other lights of the laptop) and then will switch off, then will light up again and the computer will start up normally. I use windows 10.

The power supply has been replaced, the battery changed, power cable changed, the inside has been cleaned, I've scanned for viruses, and I had even reset all settings and data on the laptop.

My apologies if I missed an obvious solution, I'm not the best when it comes to technology!

I stopped using it for a few months because the problem got so irritating, and the problem had stopped for a short while. The issue has returned and I would appreciate any help/suggestions.

Thank you!

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Hi @darlingdink ,

Try running HP Diagnostic System test > Extensive Test to see if it turns up anything.


That click noise is almost certainly the hard drive going into emergency park mode. That wouldn't be the cause of the issue though, only a consequence of it.

Does this happen after 25-30 minutes of use, or after 25-30 minutes of being idle?

Does this happen if the computer is booted into Safe Mode?


@secondlife ah thank you! This happens 25-30 minutes of the computer in use. And yes, which makes me think that the problem has something to do with the actual computer itself.


@jayeff thank you for your suggestion! The laptop does not stay running long enough to complete the extensive test, but when running the shorter test everything appeared ok. :)


Take a large cookie-baking-pan, place it upside-down on a smooth-top table. Set the laptop on the pan and start it up. If the HD is going south, you'll hear it !


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Applying the thermal paste has to be done carefully to ensure good contact and no air pockets. There are different qualities of thermal paste - maybe the one you used wasn’t quite as good as the original. Download and run Speedfan from and see if your processor is running hot.

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Your laptop could be switching off as a result of overheating due to failure of the fun. kindly check on your fan. if the fan is functioning, then the computer processor could be having a problem. Open it and apply thermal paste on the processor. You can find thermal paste in any computer repair shop

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Remove your ram .. one by one to see if one or maybe both of them are faulty. This worked for me.

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