replaced the screen, but have found it will not charge

@oldturkey03 are you still active here? Appreciate this is a really old post, but I have a similar question, although nothing to do with water. A friend asked me to look at an iPad 2, which had a cracked screen and was left in a drawer for months (perhaps even years!). I replaced the screen, but have found it will not charge. I have been through DFU, but iTunes just reports an error stating that the device cannot be restored. My understanding is that the OS is blocking the battery charge, perhaps due to the device not having a clean power down. Instead of buying a new battery, I was hoping to strip down a USB cable and directly attach wires to the connectors that @mark has referenced, ie completely missing out the iPad circuitry. Is that feasible?

(I'm guessing this may be a daft idea, as perhaps there are resistors in the path from the charging port to the battery ...but I am hoping that the charging power direct to the battery is the same a the power adapter/plug & cable)

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@chrizk hat happens if you just leave it to charge for awhile? Does the battery hold any charge? I will check the schematic and see how it connects.


Just an FYI, iPad2 only has partial iOS9 support. Any apps written for iOS 10 and 11 will not work or be downloadable for this iPad. It may be time to call it, considering next week Apple will be releasing another generation of iPads.


@avanteguarde you are right but we should at least get it to charge...;-)


@oldturkey03 understod. Just a PSA in case this project becomes a money pit.


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