Why does my PSU turn red and cut off the console


my xbox shut itself off after 3 minutes of play, the psu had a red light. every time after that i wuld try to start it, both the rf module and the psu wuld light green, but immediatly after that the psu

wuld go red and shut the xbox off.

the psu goes back into standby if i unplug it, but aside from the split second that the rf light is green,the console does nothing.no rrod or error message

1 my psu works fine on my friends console.

2 the psu is in a well ventilated area and i tried the disconnect reconnect thing

3 checked the usb ports for damage or irregularity

any support appreciated i'll check this site periodically for help but i check my email regularly.

please email me dudemanabc@live.com if u have ANY idea wut this culd be or if u know a solution.

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Since your psu works fine on your friends console the psu is in good working order. The power supply has several built-in safeguards to help prevent damage to either the console or to the power supply. Your power supply is either getting 1)too hot, 2)too much current or 3)too much voltage.

You haven't complained about your psu feeling hot. That leaves 2 & 3. I would look for a bad connection at the socket where the psu plugs into the motherboard, bad capacitors on the motherboard or a short on the motherboard. I would look for discolored components and areas on the motherboard caused by heat as a starting point for finding a short. Your capacitors should be flat on the top. If they are bulging or leaking they are bad. Never do this type of work with it plugged in.GL

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