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Revamped version of the iPhone 3G with faster processing speeds. Repair of this device is similar to the 3G, and requires simple screwdrivers and prying tools. Model A1303 / 16 or 32 GB capacity / black or white plastic back.

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3GS touchscreen, some areas non-responsive

I replaced the screen on my 3GS. The phone works and everything looks fine on the screen but the lower left corner of the screen does not respond to touch. I can not change the keyboard from letters to numbers when texting.The left side of the screen, about a cm. also has some touch issues. is the connector bad?

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You just have a bad part. Check your warranty (if any) on the part.

by nick chenault

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by ABCellars

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In my experience, it has nothing to do with the connector... if the touch works, the touch works. You have an issue with the digitizer on your glass. Send it back to whomever you purchased it from and tell them to ship you another one. From my stock, typically 1 out of every 10 has dead spots.

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Josh I realize you are Apple certified. With all due respect please stop and think for a moment. As a technician that can't physically inspect an item, has no idea what is behind the curtain other than a model number. You have no personal history of the item other than someone besides yourself took it apart and installed a screen. Please put your reputation on the fact that the only possible problem is the new digitizer is faulty, since it is impossible to for someone to install one incorrectly, also that it is impossible for them to bend pins on the connection. How can you eliminate any possible failure of the unknown system??? In electronics ghost are real. Peace Out

by ABCellars

I'm not saying there's only one possible solution. I gave my opinion. Just like you gave yours. Having worked on hundreds... if not thousands of iPhones... I can tell you that the touch works or doesn't work. I've never seen the digitizer actually stop working in the "lower left corner" without it being bad: reseating the connection has never done anything for me. While your intentions are good, I know the statics with the cheap iPhone digitizers that are out there. I feel like we're arguing semantics anyways... DJ will probably go through all of your steps to come to the same conclusion: the digitizer is bad.

BTW... Apple Certified Technicians aren't certified for iPhone glass replacements. :) That just comes with experience.

by Josh

Oh, one more thing. I'm not really here to compete for answer points or anything like that. I just want to help. The only reason I offered my answer after yours was from my previous experience. I'm not discounting your steps, they're a good troubleshooting process... I just wouldn't go through all of the trouble.

by Josh

Perhaps I approached this wrong. I am not here competing for points. I actually meant your reputation as a repairman/technician, not here on ifixit. When it comes to things such as replacing digitizers I have learned not to take anything for granted or to trust that anything is right or done right that I myself didn't do. I have no idea if they pushed the connector in the socket firmly so it squared up or if it is sitting in there $$@! eyed so pins can touch pins they shouldn't. We only know what this person has told us. Please read what they have written. We don't know how long they have owned it, if they have ever seen it work correctly or if they bought it off of eBay "for the good deal" by fixing it themselves and some other monster bent the pins on the board's socket, I personally have seen this. When I answered I had to ask myself why would they ask about the connector? The people that come to ifixit don't have the skills you do. Getting out of them what really is going on can be like pulling teeth.

by ABCellars

You are a trained Tech that goes about tearing something apart and replacing parts in a methodical manner. You have training (formal and self taught) along with intuition for ascertaining the nature of a problem. I have a great deal of respect for you and your knowledge of Apple products and your ability to actually repair things, not just make them work. I have visited your websites and blog. I actually pay attention to the answers you give, not to check up on you rather to learn from you. I have seen you pull out some good kung fu I am certain wasn't taught by Apple. With a known good board and socket and the screen installed correctly I agree with your answer 100%.

by ABCellars

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I by far am not an apple guru. Honestly I have never taken apart a 3gs iPhone nor installed a digitizer on one. However I have installed a great number of digitizers on other items.

You could try to reset the iphone (press the sleep and the home button at the same time until the phone restarts). Never know, it may come around. If that doesn't work do check your connections. Inspect both the male and female parts to the connections for debris, bent or broken pieces. Make sure that all the pins are lining up properly. If you still have your old digitizer compare the connector on it to the one installed now. You may have been shipped a 3g instead of a 3gs digitizer. I believe that the 3g has more pins than the 3gs digitizer. If none of these help you then contact the place where you purchased it for an RMA.

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Sound advice!

by pollytintop

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