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  • Answer to: iPhone 4 - Blank screen, backlight only, water damage

    Hi there, I've been in your shoes many times. If you replaced the LCD/Digi with a new one and you still have no luck than its very possible your looking at a bad board. Ive seen iphones with NO signs of corrosion yet they have problems much like yours. Try cleaning off the connectors on the board with rubbing alcohol if you havent done so yet. If none of this works, than try to backup/restore your iphone (slim chance this will fix it, but i've seen it work before). Last if NONE of the above work and you run out of ideas than try soaking your board in rubbing alcohol for 4 to 6 hours, the dry it out in rice for 24 hours. I have recovered many Logic Boards with this method, but I use this as a last result before the customer buys a new phone. Good luck. -Nick C
  • Answer to: Why won't my iPhone turn on unless it's plugged in?

    Hey there. I have repaired many iphone's with this exact same problem. First I try a new battery (most of the time that fixes the issue). If the battery does not work, than try a new USB doc port. Sometimes you have to replace both. Also make sure that the two gold battery contacts on the logic board are cleaned off. If still no luck, than you probably have a bad board. Good luck. -Nick c
  • Answer to: After water damage, what parts to replace?

    Probably just a bad board due to liquid damage. We have found that soaking the board in alcohol for about 4 hours, than letting it dry out in rice over night is the best solution in your case. It has recovered many water logged phones in our shop. The alcohol will get to places that you can't reach, it wont just eat all of the corrosion away, but it will help. I have done this to about 10 liquid damaged iphone logic boards. In a shop test last week, 10 our of 6 iphone 3g/3gs logic boards came out working perfect. Good luck.
  • Answer to: Has anyone attempted to separate LCD from Glass Digitizer?

    Hi, I repair iphones, ipods, and many other devices for a living. I literally have a box stacked full of the broken lcd/digi's that we have repaired. We have tried many solutions and suggestions to separate them. Heat gun, oven, ect. It CAN be done, but the chances of you succeeding are very slim. The biggest problem is that your applying alot of heat to the LCD, and if you are to succeed in separating them the life span/integrity of the LCD is greatly shortened during the process. Not to discourage you but thought id give my input. The LCD and Digitizer are fused together during the manufacturing process, the best method i have found is a heat gun and a low setting. It takes a lot of patience as they will not quickly separate. I start in a corner of the LCD with the thinnest blade you can find. Good luck, hope this helps. -Nick C,