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Does my Visio have Bad Panel

So i have this Visio E701i-A3 . Had no sound or video . I added a new main board . Had sound but no video . Added a tcon bd . Had video and audio and picture thru RCA cable (rough) but 2 narrow lines toward bottom ! Within minutes it went back to no video ! So I am assuming bad panel ? This is most likely a good place to stop and throw the tv out ? So if someone wants what I would think are a good power bd and a good main bd let me know !

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Brent Mason that really does not sound like a bad panel. You replaced the main board and the t-con board and both were new boards and they were the right board for your TV. Post some images of your boards with your question so we can see what you see. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that. When you say "Had video and audio and picture thru RCA cable (rough) but 2 narrow lines toward bottom" you need to tell us if they were horizontal lines or vertical and if they were all the way across the screen. You had no change when you replaced the main board but got something (also not for very long) with a new t-con board. Recheck the t-con board, particular the fuse on the board. Se if you get power to that. You need to have around 12V on it.

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I had nothing to begin with but I am not entirely sure input was set to receive the RCA signal . So I replced the main bd 1st , I then had sound (main could have been ok) . Had sound and back lights after new main bd so went on to tcon (did check power bd 1st) . After adding new tcon it had sound and video , video had two horizontal lines , one at about 4-5” from bottom and another about 4-5” above 1st line (pretty sure went across total screen)! Picture was poor and I figured that was because of the RCA connection . I walked out of room for 4-7mins and when i returned no video ! I checked the drain , gate etc on tcon and had nothing !


Did you have any power going to the t-con board.? Check for power on the fuse. Horizontal lines can be indicative of bad gate drivers which would be part of the panel. Just a very odd error for a bad panel


After I replace the tcon bd I had video and audio but 2 horizontal thin lines toward bottom of screen ! Then within 5 minutes the video went out and sure the tcon went bad again . I have heard some of the tcon bds are not good quality ? I am not sure whether to buy another tcon ? Would the 2 thin lines tell me a panel is bad ?


Would the 2 thin lines tell me a panel is bad ? Could be and it's not really a bad panel but something is going on with your Gate drivers. None of that would cause your T-con board to fail. Sure it could have been a bad T-con board but again its odd. Can you isolate what has failed on the T-con board? do you still get power to the T-con board. Not taking about the MOSFET etc. but measure directly at the fuse.


I posted a pic of tcon bd (at question above) but I dont know what to check on it ! I will check power to tcon but i think i did before and they were ok


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