Fried dc input board

Hi guys, just a quick question to reassure me before I attempt to fix something that’s doesn’t need to be fixed. I left my MBP downloading something while I left the house, came back to find a breaker flipped and my computer out of battery. Reset the breaker and my charger wasn’t working (it’s an old 65w charger from the black MacBook era and functions intermittently.) sometimes when this happens, the only way I can get the 65w power supply to work is by plugging in a beat up aftermarket 85w charger for a minute and reconnecting the OEM one. I had the bottom case off my laptop and when i plugged the 85w aftermarket charger in some piece of the dc Input board went up in a little fireball and now I still can’t get it to recognize the oem charger (lesson learned about using aftermarket charges) my question is, is there any chance that the DC in board is fine after this incedent and the problem might lie in the charger? I’m assuming not but I’m not so knowledgeable about electronic issues like this.

Thanks for your help.

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