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Revamped version of the iPhone 3G with faster processing speeds. Repair of this device is similar to the 3G, and requires simple screwdrivers and prying tools. Model A1303 / 16 or 32 GB capacity / black or white plastic back.

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3GS - White Screen of Death

I replace the display panel on a 3GS with relative ease. PC and iTunes recognizes device and was able to sync as well. However all I get is the white screen. I have tried the hard reset (Power/Home button for 10 secs) and nothing apparently happens at all. I have removed panel and rechecked seating of connections too. Anyone out there have any advice as where to go from here. I purchased a used display panel from ifixit.com and assume it is working fine.



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Try this solution...

Press and hold the home button, then the up-volume button, then the sleep/power button (so all three buttons are now pressed and held) --- it takes a while, but the white screen will go away and then after another 10 seconds or so (still holding btw!) the apple logo will come up, release the buttons and then wait, it'll boot normally again in a minute or two.

EDIT: Just tried it on my own 3GS here which decided to go into the WSoD - alas, doesn't seem to be working this time, not sure though if it's the buttons or not at fault.


If the home-up-sleep combo doesn't work ( as I encountered recently ), it might be worth letting the unit run flat for a few days and then plug it in and try the home-up-sleep combo again.

I was surprised, I thought I was going to have to bin this 3GS but amazingly it came back to life for me.

Not sure what the difference is, but perhaps during the total power-down phase the iPhone manages to go through some different stages in the firmware, as opposed to removing the board from the battery.

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Thank you for posting about all three buttons held at the same time. I was ready to chuck it in the river. Like I said thanks.

by anthony fiala

I did the home and power buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds and it worked!

by Rebecca

but my 3gs, volume up and off button doesn't work.... how can i fix it....? :(

by azibk15

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Connector 1 which is a pain in the you know where to get seated is more than likely what is giving you the problem here. It's hard to tell if it is completely seated or not. I would suggest pulling the screen off again and checking connector one to make sure it's fully seated in there. You might also want to try letting ifixit know that the LCD is not working they might send you a replacement to test out and see if the product is faulty.

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Thanks Cal...it appears to be seated correctly after several verifications. I just get the same white screen no matter what, although it appears to reset when I hold POWER/HOME button but comes back to white screen. I think I will try 2nd option and return to ifixit for another display panel just to rule it. Thanks for reply.

by stevewhaley

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I had the same pblm. Weird, but try to put a little piece of electric (black) tape between cable 2 and 3. (clable 3 is under cable 2). It woked for me.


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1. Though Difficult but the White Screen Of Death can be cured by

2. strip open the iphone 3gs (see videos on you tube...its easy and scratchless)

be sure to disconect the large lithium battery at the base of iphone

3. with battery disconnected leave it for atleast TWO hours

4. connect everything and assemble the phone again.

5. iphone now asks the update do it

6. its fixed (i tried it my self and its working now)

some sites recomend the screen replacement and its not required !!!



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my iphone 3gs just got the wsod after i replaced the battery what causes this

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i tried everything written on this page except for letting it run flat.. hope it works.. too bad if not. havent backed-up my 3gs.

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