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Announced in March 2015 and released April 10, 2015, the Galaxy S6 Edge is the curved-screen version of Samsung's newest flagship smartphone.

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sim card slid into the slot without the sim card tray

I just got my Samsung Galaxy s6 edge in the mail today...when I went to put my sim card in from my old phone into the new sim card slid into the slot without the sim card tray and now the sim card is stuck in there good...can't even get your fingers in there to try to pull it out...and now I've lost the sim card tray....any ideas on what to do? It would be greatly appreciated and a big help! Please and thank you! Will I need to take it back to Walmart and see what they would do?

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I have the same problem but with a different kind of phone ..I'd like to know the answer to this question too, Vanessa


Did you did you ever find the solution?


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Not a guaranteed fix but here are two solutions worth trying.

1. Tilt the device so the SIM card port is facing at the floor. In short bursts blow compressed air into the SIM port hopefully this will dislodge the card and it will fall out.

NOTE: Use compressed air only when can is in upright position. To minipulate the airstream bend the straw attachment (in this case upwards).

2. Use needle tweezers to try and grip the SIM card from the side (thin edges) and work it’s way out.

Pro tip: You can also use a combination of these two methods.

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I would also try a vacuum method. I recommend using the highest power vacuum you have and a balloon. Cut a small slit in the top of the balloon, insert the vacuum hose (with smallest attachment) into the slit for a tight fit. turn on the vacuum and place the end that you would normally blow into around the sim card opening. hope this helps

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Sewing needle heat it up pretty good and stab chip hold it there for a couple seconds and slowly pull it out works like a charm



Option 1 : Take apart, you can replace glass if need extra justification. Don't &&^& up the rest the phone like the screen or cams. Don't wanna risk it...

Option 2 : Take to a shop after factory resetting. Shop said if I get it in Monday it can be done Tuesday, thats only ecause they need to order the glass. Probably take an hour or 2 only getting SD or Sim out.


1.)Vacuums don't work. I tried 2 Shot Vacs and the hose on 2 vacs that cost about 2k each. Nothing after several long attempts and moving phone every way possible.

2.) Tweezers are sketch, sensors, laser lenses, wires, eletric connectorions of any kind, battery is poked/ruptured could catch fire, too many intricate parts, screen is also right there so image or touch scrren could get damaged, cost a lot more. I tried w/thin sharp chemistry tweezers, no luck. My tray only goes 1/2 way; so idk.

SD card that slid in was found I didn't check it, mine ran out same day. Idk wtf is on it lol

Magnet, super glque? Who has the trick?


Take a thin piece of metal like a feeler gauge for gapping spark plgs that you dont mind making a defect in the end lay it on a flat piece of wood and take a nail and place it on the wnd of the feeler gauge at an angle so that when the nail goes into it on the other side it makes the metal have a catch on it so that you can push down through without catching but when you pull up the tooth with snag the ship it has to be a small catch but ive made one and used it and it worked good luck and be sure to make it small and all you have to do is push it in past the chip far enough for your angled tooth to catch it and it will come right out easy as pie


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Heat end of stright pin push into side of sim that.shows.Pull out you might ruin a cheap sim card but phone is not in danger of bad take down and resamble.Hoping as a newby to not break something. I had to use stright pin with a Huawei P 20 .Whivch does not even have a removable back.If that did not work I would have tried to find a way to dismantle it to access the sim.But since I was the stupid idiot who though like a kindle tablet just push it in.Yea way in it went. So maybe safer to have some one else fix if phone very valuable. If cheap go to youtube and watch a video and try.I would have and learned to replace a laptop screen that way.

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To get the SIM card out, the easiest (and I use that term lightly) method would be in disassembling the device.

After you remove the back glass and separate the midframe from the LCD frame (with the motherboard), you'll have to get very pointy tipped tweezers and slowly work the SIM card out of the SIM tray mounted on the motherboard. This is the method that may result in the least amount of damage. If any of the pins on the SIM tray get damaged, you'll have to find someone with soldering experience to replace it.

Here is ifixit's guide to removing the motherboard. (I personally prefer high quality playing cards or thin guitar picks for removing the back glass, with the aid of a razor blade to open that initial gap. Just be very careful and maybe order a back glass just to be safe (Back Glass)

Galaxy S6 Edge Motherboard Removal

The SIM tray can easily be found in the ifixit store for a good price.

SIM Tray for Galaxy S6 Edge

Galaxy S6 Edge SIM Card Tray Image


Galaxy S6 Edge SIM Card Tray


Galaxy S6 Edge Rear Panel/Cover Image


Galaxy S6 Edge Rear Panel/Cover


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First let me say I did not come up with this solution, but Maribel Gonzalez did via Youtube 7 years ago. Reviewing the proposed solutions to the stuck SIM I am compelled to share this because I found it simple and brilliant.

Maribel used an index card and credit card - that combination did not work for me.

Cut a strip of index card and credit card the width of the slim slot - both strips should have some length. (a strip from Equate brand of Nicoderm Packet worked perfectly).

Hold the index strip and cc strip together as one strip - insert into sim slot - push a little xtra into the slot - then very slowly pull the paper out and the sim card should come out far enough for you to get hold of it. I had to do this several times to perfect it - but it works! Good Luck!

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