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Is iPhone 8 home button replaceable?

Hi, my iphone8 home button is crack, if i replace the home button, will the touch id still work? Already go to the service center, they said i have to exchange the unit.


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My grandson picked his phone up to use it and the home button was cracked. No drop Apple said we dropped it and have to pay 180.00 to get fixed. There is a problem with the phone.


Home buttons do not just crack. They either have to be dropped or something has to impact it it. Perhaps he had it in a backpack and something hard bumped it, especially if he dropped the backpack on the floor.


The button is sapphire while quite hard it can cleave (crack) if hit just right if the crystal has a flaw (just like a diamond). Looks like Apples QC is not catching these questionable buttons. Now the hard part proving it to Apple it was defective!


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The Home Button is matched to the logic board so you cannot change it and retain Touch ID functionality. Additionally, starting with the iPhone 7 & up, the Home Button no longer as a mechanical actuator so you cannot even replace the HB with an aftermarket one because it will not do anything. Unfortunately, only Apple can repair this.

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I see, if i change the HB with aftermarket, i can still use the phone as usual but no touch id.

If i want touch id works, i have to bring to apple?


An aftermarket HB will not have "click" function's strictly cosmetic. Only Apple can replace your Home Button.


unfortunately, apple service center here in indonesia suggest me to exchange the unit with the price more than half price of the iphone.

Thanks for the reply


yup just more of the apple morons making their phones unrepairable except by apple for outrageous prices...............


My daughter was lying in her bed, phone in her hand. While I was talking to her, her iPhone 8 died. Then as none of the buttons worked, she handed it to me. Her home button was cracked. There is NO way she wouldn't have noticed this on her "precious" Even if she had dropped it, her case has a protruding front lip. You'd have to hit this with a nail and hammer to get a crack on the home button....

I chatted with an apple agent for 96 minutes, rebooting (unsuccessful) and then restoring the phone to discover, of course, that the home button didn't work. So then we went to the store. They repeated all that, and insisted that she dropped it. So, $169 later (they told me $149, but you pay tax too...), another 90 mins (took longer than they said to fix, hmmm ), she has her phone again, but I have had it. I've been reading many people complaining about this exact same issue. How could all these people have spontaneously cracking home buttons on their iPhone 8s without there being some fault with the phone?


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