Revamped version of the iPhone 3G with faster processing speeds. Repair of this device is similar to the 3G, and requires simple screwdrivers and prying tools. Model A1303 / 16 or 32 GB capacity / black or white plastic back.

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After Replacing Glass Panel, Can't Use Suction Cup To Pry Open

Hey there everyone, I recently replaced my iPhone 3GS's glass panel about 2 weeks ago. Everything works fine, except I can't use my metal spudger or the suction cup to open the whole front panel display again. Why do I need to do this again?, you may wonder. Well this is pretty stupid, but, my iPhone 3GS has had some alignment issues every time I take the logic board. For example, the day I took out my front panel display to replace the broken glass, I decided to change the battery on my phone as well. Now however the logic board is a bit slanted and the sim tray won't fit back inside it. Like you know how you can easily slide the sim tray back in with your sim in it? Mine isn't able to slide back in because the sim slot inside the logic board isn't properly aligned with the rectangular-like hole at the top of the iPhone 3GS. The problem is the fact that when I attempt to use a suction cup to pry open the whole front panel assembly, only the new glass panel pops open and it exposes the LCD, and the home button, basically, the frame is what gets exposed. I can also see the little sticky adhesive strips there too. The adhesive isn't sticky enough and that's probably why the whole front panel assembly doesn't come off in one piece. Btw, I am only able to pry the front panel out very slightly, perhaps, leaving exactly 1 inch. I've been living with no usable phone for the last 2 weeks and I was way to busy to even have time to fix it. Thank you in advance, and I'd really appreciate it if someone can help me with a way to get this opened.

Quick Run Through:

*Can't pop off entire front panel assembly

*Logic board not aligned properly

*Sim Tray won't go in

*Phone is not usable

This is how it should look like when it's opened (This is what I want to do with it): (Done with my dad's iPhone 3GS)

However, this is what my phone looks like when I use a suction cup to open it:

Sim Card Tray won't slide in: (This is the furthest it will go.)

Once again, thanks in advance and thank you very much for taking the time to read and go over my problem.

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problem 1)I think you forgot the adhesive for your digitiser and this is why you are only lifting the glass and not the whole display ! it is worth the 99c investment it'll stop the glass moving and keep dust out of your phone

no.2) I use a small flathead screwdriver and put it in the corner near home button, push it in a little way (careful not to damage the rubber flange) and push the display panel horizontally toward the top of phone, this gives you enough room to put the screwdriver in a little further and then you should be able to lever up.

no 3) take the logicboard out, then put back in sim tray end first. there is a very small lip under the simtray opening which the board sits under (it is near the camera/power button assemblies) you need to slide the board under that and then push in place. make sure camera is also clicked into it's socket.

no 4) the sim tray should now fit in as the board is in place.

ps don't forget to buy the adhesive strips..

pps dont go through the rubber flange with your spudger, they are impossible to replace and it'll ruin your phone's appearance

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Thanks for the advice! I have yet to try this and will probably try this later on in the day. I'll tell you how it goes. Anyways, as for the adhesive strips part, I did purchase some from iFixIt and they don't seem to be sticky enough and that's what makes me digitizer open up separately.


Thank you very much! I had time today to try it and I did exactly what you told me in step 2. Was very simple and I managed to simply lift it out as you said! I am so happy now that I have a phone again!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH ONCE AGAIN!!!! =D


Hurrah!! Makes my day...:-)


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You need to use a little force to pull the suction cup since all the glass flame is new. So, it will required more force to open it. If still can't, maybe you can consider pry tool instead of suction cup?

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I did in fact use a lot of force to try to pull out the whole entire front assembly. Captain Bryan, there's a picture listed above and it shows you exactly what happens when I use any type of force at all to try to pull it out. I tried using a pry tool as well, I don't think it helped much because when I try to pry it out, there's a little rubber edge trimming on the very outskirts of the part of the assembly located directly under the front glass panel. To be honest, I'm not sure if I should just go ahead and jab my spudger right through the rubber, it might tear it but I'll wait for further advice just in case.


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