Crackle while playing music via usb host.

I'm using my s7 edge as music source via usb. It is connected to a amp with otg cable.

All my music collection has crackling and pops. Kinda like old record player. The amp and otg cable works with other phones but why not my s7 edge?

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What's the audio like when using earphones connected to the phone?

Just trying to isolate whether the problem is to do with the USB or the audio controller in the phone


Thx for the reply.

The audio with headphones or earphones on my phone has no problems. Dac/amp and aux all good.

The problem exists when connecting my headphone amp to the s7 for audiophile headphone use.

My amp recognises the s7 edge and so does the s7 to the amp.

Music sounds fine except the annoying popping.

One thing to note is that the popping sound is not noticible on track change gaps. It's only in the music.

I have used the same app (neutron player) on my old g5 phone with same set up as im trying to use with the s7 with no problems from the g5. That means the otg cable is fine and so is the amp.

This is a long reply but I'm trying to add as much info as possible.



What is the make and model number of the amp?

Does it happen if you lower the volume on the phone? Just wondering if you are driving the amp into clipping but it doesn't happen during the silences


It's a xduoo xd 5. XDuoo XD-05 32bit/384KHz DSD DAC Decoding Portable Audio Headphone Amplifier OLED Display

Noise is still there at low volume.

Popping is more noticible in classical music but only because there is more gaps in instruments been played. Faster music leaves less gaps but its still noticble over the songs. Only inbetween tracks it stops.



I've noted what you said regarding no problems with same setup using a different phone but I'm wondering if there is a compatibility problem with the Neutron Player and the S7 and that it needs to be reconfigured to suit the new phone.

If you have been here, apologies.

Where is the pre-amp digital slider set at - mid position = 0dB?

If above mid position drop it down to mid or below then adjust equalizer to get correct quality sound.

Is resampling in audiophile mode? You mentioned audiophile earlier.

Have you tried the other modes at all? Being classical music perhaps the sampling rate when produced was at 96 Kbps whereas Android default setting is for 44Kbps and "standard" music wouldn't have to be upsampled so problem may be less noticeable

Have you got the latest updated version of Neutron player installed as it mentions improvements that may help with your phone?

Just some thoughts.


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