Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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iPhone 6 won't turn on after battery, LC and front panel replacement


So my iPhone 6 had numerous issues (cracked screen, wear out battery, lighting connector made poor contact) so I decided to replace all three of these components. I ordered from iFixit the Front Panel Assembly, a Battery and the Lighting Connector replacement parts.

After careful work and by following the guides to the letter, the iPhone won't turn on, or at least that's the impression. The screen is black and iTunes doesn't recognises anything.

Before the replacements, the iPhone's battery charged up to only 7% and later used to restart by itself constantly. Thus, I opened it and removed the battery, leaving it like that until the new parts arrive.

Any suggestions/ideas? I double checked the screen's connectors for contact issues, but all seemed okay.

I would appreciate any feedback.

UPDATE 1: The phone works with the old screen back on. New screen seems to be defunct.

UPDATE 2: The battery and the lighting connector replacements both work properly.

UPDATE 3: I contacted iFixit and a new screen is on the way!

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Is there maybe a procedure I should follow regarding the new battery replacement (leave it to charge for x minutes, use a combination of buttons to power on, etc)?


Let the new battery charge for 15 minutes or so as a dead battery will not boot the phone


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Assuming you turned it off and disconnected the battery before you started, I would say the backlight circuit is ok. You may have just got a bad happens.

Go back to where it was working fine and powered up. Put your old parts back in and test it.

Then, start with the battery... Make sure you always disconnect the battery first before making any connections with the lightning connector and LCD.

Keep track of the screws.... make sure each and every screw goes back in the same hole it came can also experience the powering up issue if you already put the wrong screw (In the LCD Shield cover) in the wrong hole (Can cause "Long Screw damage").

If your phone comes on with new battery, check it connects to Itunes (You will get a boot loop if the battery is too low or not connected with lightning cable connected).

Then check your new display... Disconnect battery and attach your new display to test.

Once you have verified your new battery and lcd are working properly, try your new charging port.

Post back your results and any more issues you have to get better advice on what may be happening.

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Hey Michael,

Thank you for your answer.

Divide and conquer was indeed the best approach.

So what I did was to first of all put back the old screen. I powered it on and it worked, I can operate the iPhone normally with the old screen back on. So I guess that rules out any logic board or any other serious issue.

What I furthermore noticed was that it won't charge with the new LC I installed (or connect to iTunes). And I'm a bit troubled by that, as the LC installation doesn't include a lot of factors, I basically had to place it and plug the connector, so I can't think of something that might have went wrong. Could Tristar (u2) issue I read around might be related? The microphone and headphone jack, which are part of the same component, work perfectly. Please not that I had no prior issues with charging (except with the old connector being too loose).

Same with the new screen. All 4 connectors were plugged correctly, home button migrated easily. so why wouldn't it work?

So far, out of the 3 replacement parts, only the battery works properly.

Any additional thoughts on that?


Update: I got the lighting connector to work, so I hope it stays that way!

It's only the screen now that seems to be defunct.


Congrats! Good Job. Now if you can get a good LCD, you are all set! :)


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Hi, could you help me plz, I have iPhone 6 and I replaced screen and battery after phone died from no power, I changed screen and it turned on then completely died and now won't turn on at all, I got new battery fitted and still no luck. It's been on charge and I got nothing at all with this, can someone please help... Many thanks.

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