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4-inch iPhone released in March 2016 with similar hardware specifications to the 6S. Available in Silver, Space Grey, Gold, or Rose Gold with 16/32/64/128 GB storage options. Model: A1662 and A1723

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Hi My iPhone se is not charging..

There is two components missing near by the battery connector... I need your help to identify which parts those are...

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Have you tried to replace the battery or charging port? I would try those before I went messing with board level repairs.


yes i had replaced shows it is charging but actually it is not charging...


My "No charge SE" was a pocket dust build up in the charging port of the phone. So much dust it kept the male plug from not going far enough in to make contact. Powered of the phone and CAREFULLY picked out the dust with a needle then cleaning plug with rubbing alcohol. Works great. I'm looking for a replacement cover that will cover the charging port.


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Those components are FL2400/C20400 and are part of the TIGRIS_TO_BATTERY_SWI line. This line must be present for the gas gauge in the battery to communicate charge state to the CPU. With Fl2400 missing, this line is broken.

These components must be replaced and this will require a micro-soldering repair. This is not a DIY repair.

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Thank you...Let me try to fix it..


Where should i get this components...Please share the link to purchase it..


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Hi !

Right, L2400 /C2400 both are just a filter for signal mentioned by Minho (TIGRIS_TO_BATTERY_SWI).

Via this data line phones mobo gets status of the battery (from battery controller).

To solve you problem there are no need to buy that components, and to solder them to their places - it's just necessary to connect contact places of L2400 with thin wire (for example coil of the little headphones).

That's all .

In such way you will repair data line (middle (data) connection of battery controller to a phone), which is broken by L2400.

Don't think about capacitor C2400 )), it's not necessary to place it. Phone will work (meen charging) without it .

And of course microsoldering, microscope, fluxe, wire and desire :)

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what about c2411 and c2410?


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In my iPhone SE the one of the 4 component (near the battery-connector) is missing. It is, the most to the bottom of the iPhone (the most right on the image in the top of this thread). Is this also an FL2400 or an C2400? The iPhone indicates it is only charges for 1%, but it will be on for more then a day. So I think the communication to the iPhone is disturbed.

If I read the Thread of Alexey Kyrov, I need to do nothing, but this is not true. So the missing part is probably not an C2400 but an FL2400 ?!?

I need to find someone here in Switzerland who does microsoldering (i don't have the tools for it). Still now I haven't found someone to help me. A lot of companies offers SMD Soldering but only in large quantities for B2B Companies.



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This can sometimes happen when the battery connector is removed, sometimes pressure from the “wrong” side will do this.

Looking at this one it *should* be possible to just place a component and heat both ends having first pre-tinned the new one with a near-microscopic “dot” of 63/37 at each end.

If done right and the tracks aren’t also damaged then it can be repaired.

Ideally use exact part then image it with something like a projector lens to make sure it isn’t touching anything else, flux clean-up is advisable but if it tests OK then should all be fine if you used no-clean.

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I put my SE in for a new screen at one of those phone stand in a shopping centre. The girl said she could’nt make it fit back together properly and suggested I take it elsewhere. ?? I then took it to another phone repair place and while replacing the screen noticed the charging capacitor was missing.. ??

How could this happen… My question is did the first party somehow lose this part when they attempted to replace the screen and also what I dont get is the battery was 1/2 charged but mysteriously less than an hour later battery charge was in the red?

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