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Repair information and guides for the iPhone 6S released by Apple on September 25, 2015. Models: A1688, A1633

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iPhone 6s battery not connecting properly

I was attempting to replace the battery on my iPhone 6s yesterday. I got the old battery out but when I went to put the new one in I was having difficulty securing the flag looking object (attached to the battery), to the motherboard. It only seems to want to click on the side farthest from the battery. I've tried manipulating it so that it would fit properly but I'm not having any luck. Any suggestions on how I can get it to sit properly?

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@hogbert post some good images of the male and female battery connector with your question. that way we can see what you see. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that


I would but I don't have a camera handy


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You haven't stuck the battery on yet right?

You need to bend the ribbon cable properly to get it to sit in well before you stick the battery in place.

Note that the metal plate that goes over the battery connector helps it stay in too.

Update (11/25/2017)

Here's a picture of a new battery connector unused:

Block Image

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I haven't stuck the battery on yet and have bent the ribbon cable. I realize the metal plate secures it but it sticks up if I go to put it on, due to the connector not sitting properly. I've tried watching YouTube videos but the people doing the repairs seem to have little or no problem which is why I'm confused as to why it's not working for me.


It may be that the connector end on the battery itself is damaged.

It should plug in with little to no issue.

I have posted an image of the 6s battery connector


maybe the battery was stuck down to close to the logic and hasnt enough flex


Hard to say what the real issue is. I wouldn't rule out damage but kind of hard to believe considering it's something so "simple" to attach. At this point I think I may go buy a new phone. This has become a real hassle and I don't know if it's even worth going on much longer. The phone was water damaged hence the bad battery among other things. Is there any way to recover data on this phone in it's current state? I believe majority of my pictures are on apps anyway but figured I would ask.


I'm starting to think the battery connector on the battery is no good, you could contact iFixit for a replacement.

They usually send out free replacements if the part you received is faulty.


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the problem is that for some iphone 6s models the battery connector is not the same.

In the picture that was sent, it shows the battery connecter with having one silver dot (above and between the two black rectangles), and on some iphone models, the battery has TWO…

I dont know why this is the way it is! I have the same problem!

@Hogbert is the iphone a japanese iphone 6s? just wondering if that may be part of the issue

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this seems to be the same problem I'm having. I bought two replacement batteries for 2 iphone 6s . One went in fine (to the newer 6s), the other didn't (into the older 6s). So, had another battery sent out for it and am trying again and still, same issue. Super frustrated! Any way to fix it. Is it that important that they seat exactly correctly, or would it work if the the parts were just touching? (battery to phone)


I've noticed that some replacement batteries require a lot of effort to click the battery into the connector.

So basically compare both battery connectors side by side. If they look physically the same try connecting it. Initially one side should go in but you may need to apply more pressure than usual for it to click on fully.


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Well, I just made the mistake of putting a 6s battery into an iPhone 6. Whoops. I had the issue where it clicked on the right (farthest from the battery) but not the left side. The bracket seemed to be raised, but the phone powered on, so I thought I was good. The phone keeps restarting after a few minutes, and the battery percentage is erratic. (Around this time, I realized I’d ordered the wrong battery thinking my sibs phone was a 6s. Facepalm.) Hopefully, I haven’t caused damage… hoping the proper battery will still be a simple solution.

So, if you’re having the same issue, check the obvious and make sure you know what kind of phone it is. :)

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