How do I download?

My screen is smashed, but i need to download pictures and most importantly text messages that were sent and were not deleted from the phone prior to the smashing of the screen.

It wont register on the computer that it has been plugged in as a usb. But it charges.

What do i do?

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Hi @satinshadows ,

Just clarifying when you say that the screen has been smashed.

Can you still see the images on the screen but cannot navigate because the touch is broken or are there no images at all when you turn on the phone?

If you can see images on the screen then try connecting a USB mouse via an OTG (on the go) adapter and use the mouse to navigate through the screens to allow you to connect the phone to a computer.

If you need a pin number to enter the phone then connect a USB keyboard first (via OTG) and key in the pin number then swap over to a mouse to navigate (be aware that not all keyboards will work in this manner -don't know why). If you have a pattern lock on the phone then you're out of luck.

If the screen is smashed and doesn't show anything at all then commiserations


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