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Why cant others hear me during phone calls?

A few months ago, I was working outside and there was a pretty bad downpour and I got soaked. Phone was in my pocket and the phone started to think headphones were plugged in when they were not. Did some reading and water getting in the headphone jack seemed to be the common reason. So into rice the phone went for 2 days and it seemed fine afterwards. However since then, gradually it has been more and more difficult for people on the other end of the phone to hear me. Its at the point where they barely hear me at all, I cut in and out. However if I put in a set of headphones to use to talk through, they hear me clear as can be.

Is it likely that I should be trying to replace the speaker on the bottom of the phone, which appears to be a shared part with the headphone port and lightning connector? Just trying to double check whats recommended before ordering any parts.

Also, I had done a factory reset a couple months ago (after the possible water incident) since the phone was randomly shutting off. That issue was resolved. Just wanted to mention it since when I did a brief search on the issue I saw it was recommended to try a restore. So I have recently done that.

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3 Answers

What you need is a new earpiece. sounds like yours is failing due to water.

You can get one here: iPhone 6 Earpiece Speaker

iPhone 6 Earpiece Speaker Image


iPhone 6 Earpiece Speaker


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i would do that too


The speaker is only for hearing calls correct? The problem is that the other callers cant hear ME. Just wanted to be clear.


Yes charging port needs replaced not ear piece, common misconceptuon, but ear piece would only fix if you weren't able to hear callers. Charge port mic fixes when they can't hear you


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Thanks for the suggestion. I thought it was the bottom speaker that is used to capture my voice on calls though? I can hear others fine through the ear location

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You are right Andrew the bottom speaker on the charge port is what you will need to replace. This is the one that controls when ppl can or can't hear you. Double check and make sure it did not just pop out of place. Sometimes thats all it is, or clean out the hole with air. After you try these simple fixes I would then try replacing your charge port assembly, which has your home button, HPJ, speaker , and mic controls on this. So if people aren't able to hear you this is what needs replaced. IF you can't hear them then it's the earpiece up top.

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