The Xbox One X (Model 1787) is Microsoft's latest high-powered game console, succeeding the Xbox One S. The Xbox One X will be released on November 7th, 2017.

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Xbox One X internal SSD upgrade possible? (cloning to 1tb ssd)

I upgraded my xbox one internal hdd to 1tb ssd by cloning, now since the xbox one x is out and uses sata 3.

Im hoping you guys got the teardown and possible news for hdd replacement :)

Answer this question I have this problem too

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Haha lucky you with the Xbox 1 X! Have fun gaming either way!


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Take a look a YouTube video from XFiX on how to create the XBOX ONE HDD (SSD).

There are two methods for Linux USB and for Windows.

Xbox One S and Xbox One X HDDs have the same structure.

I used this method for 2TB Samsung EVO SSD (MZ-75E2T0BW).

I created the Xbox One SSD (four partitions) in Windows 10, copy/pasted all files from the original drive into my SSD (System Support, System Update, Temp Content and User Content), replaced the drive in my Xbox One X (not Project Scorpio) and it is working just GREAT!

For HDD replacement just follow the Xbox One X teardown video here on ifixit.

14 screws T10 and 2 screws T9 (USB connector). No other tools are required.

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@taurus330 how much of a performance increase did changing the internal HDD to a SSD did i make?

im thinking about doing the same and im wondering if its worth buying a 1tb SSD to do it


SSD has at least 30% performance increase at console bootup.

Some games like Fallout 4 have 50% less loading time.

In WOT I have to wait 10-15 sec until other users will complete the load to join the game.

I didn’t measure exactly but it’s something really “visible”.

From other side, SSD has no vibration, less heating and noiseless.

2Tb is better than 1Tb from the capacity side but at same time it’s twice expensive. The question of your budget...


wow that's really awesome, since its a 600$ beast i think its really worth it to put in a ssd and since its actual sata III cable now its not a waste of money


@taurus330 would it be possible for you to time how long it takes to load fallout 4 to the menu and maybe also gta v to story mode or online? that would really give everyone a good point of view because there's alot of loading time test done already with the one x hdd thanks


Fallout 4 from the xbox main menu to the game main menu - 17 secs.

Loading of the saved game - 18 secs.

Teleporting from one point to another - 12 secs.

Don't have GTA V.


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did I need to do anything to the hard drive like firmware update or will the xbox one x just prepare the Hard drive once its formatted

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You can easily clone it with a Mac or Linux machine. You will first need to identify the disk then run a command like

sudo dd if=/dev/disk1 of=/dev/disk2

disk1 is the Original Drive

disk2 is the new SSD

there are additional parameters to the command DD and you may want to read about it by typing

man dd

The dd command doesn't display any progress so just wait. It will copy all data (including the empty portion of the drive). If you accidentally used of=/dev/ (original Xbox drive) then your data is irrecoverable. So make sure you used the correct disk handles

If you're using Windows, you can download a virtual machine for Linux and make sure both drives are connected to the linux box (they may not mount because of NTFS partitions)

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DD doesn't work. The reason being is that it is a sector by sector clone. It will not resize the disk. If he clones a 500gb hard drive to a 1tb hard drive, his xbox will still think he has a 1tb hard drive because the partition doesn't get expanded.


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We can confirm the below:

Xbox One X ships with a standard laptop HDD. Regular laptop SATA SSD should work. Don’t know if the connector is 3.0 or 6.0 Gbps though.

It will not work by itself because Xbox One is not designed to let user swap HDD. Manual repartitioning and statically assigning Volume IDs required.

After that manual download of system files are required. Then the machine should recover itself. Check HDD swap tutorials on YouTube.

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