Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus.

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Wifi and bluetooth not works in a iPhone 6 falled in water

Good evening,

I had a iphone 6 falled in water a year ago. The screen was totally unreadable. I took him to a repair center where they did the ultrasound wash but the screen however had gone and I didn't want to replace it.

After a year I tried to change the screen and magically everything works.

Everything except wi-fi and bluetooth. I also tried a DFU recovery but the problem persists.

Can you tell me where the component is located, if it is difficult to change it, if it is a single component and all information I need to try to replace it?

Thank you

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I would take a close look at the logic board to see if all of the corrosion was properly washed away. If you still some, it probably needs to be cleaned again. As for the WiFi, check the large gray IC at the top of the logic board, on the back side. It could have been damaged by the water. If you are already experienced in micro-soldering, then you should be able to replace this IC but if you're asking the question, I expect that this will be way out of your comfort zone. I suggest you find a micro-solderer to do this.

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No i don't know how to sold.

Is impossible to simple change the component of wifi antenna without sold?

For example in this video I don't see solding:


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So today I got the two components of the wifi .... what I'm about to tell you is absurd.

First i try to replace the simple part, that is on the front of the logic board.

I restarted the phone but nothing ... wifi did not go.

So i decided to try replace the second component of wifi .. in the end was not too complicated take off the logic board.

I go to the back of logic board to go to remove the second wifi component .... and ...... the component was NOT !!!!!!!!

As I writed the phone was twice in private service, once to do ultrasonic washing.

I can not tell which of the two but surely in one of the two had removed the piece, I have no idea why.

Then I placed the new component and all-reassembling the logic board. Instead, rebooting the phone and nothing ... wifi does not work ...

I redo all the logic board and I notice a NEW MISSING !!! Of this I will talk to you in a moment ... the way it is, after I have noticed this lack, I re-start all over again, close it up, turn it on and ..... WIFI WORKS !!! I do not know how it might not work before ... but now both WIFI and GPS work ... it still does not work on Bluetooth.

Let's talk about the new lack ....

Looking at the back of the motherboard I noticed two rods where they usually hook up the wires that were WIN ... I looked at a photo on the internet and noticed that there really had to be a cable there!


[Url = https: //] [img] [/ img] [/ url]


[Url = https: //] [img] [/ img] [/ url]

At this point I thought it was definitely the problem for which wifi kept going ... until I turned on the phone and the wifi worked the same!

What is that wire? Maybe something about bluetooth that in fact continues to not work ??

I also noticed disassembling that there was also the screw that I've been red in here ... is not essential for some contact ??

[Url = https: //] [img] [/ img] [/ url]

I put other photos on the phone ... I never miss something else I did not notice ... eheheh











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