Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus.

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iPhone 6 screen replaced & it won't charge, stuck at 1%, no service

I got my iPhone 6 screen professionally replaced at a third-party store (someone other than Apple) after it flew out of my pocket when I jumped and the screen smashed, the top of the screen also popped out. The phone worked fine when I gave it to them other than damaged screen, it's now super laggy, it can't get cell service, the battery is stuck at 1% and it seems to not charge (I think it does charge as I drained the phone and plugged it in and it eventually turned back on but very quickly died again). I will be taking it back to where I got it fixed tomorrow but I was wondering if there was a fix I could do myself before I do take it back? Can't find anyone online with my exact issue.

P.S. The phone actually worked fine when they gave it back to me (other than it seemed to not charge). These problems occurred after restarting the phone (the restart also takes a very long time) which is where the battery went from 34% to 1% after the restart and I lost cell service (it is stuck on searching for my provider)... the phone wasn't that laggy at first after restart but is now barely useable.

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Although I can't be certain, it sounds to me like the Charging port if both issues are related. The common link between charging and Searching is the Port due to it being responsible for charging your phone and having the Antenna for service on it....if that does not fix it, it sounds like a Tristar (U2) IC chip needs replaced to fix the charging issue. It is not a DIY repair as it requires removing the logic board, a metal shield covering the IC and Microsoldering. But a very common issue with the 6 models mainly due to using a non original Apple charger even though I have seen and heard it happening when customers claim to only use Apple Certified (Authorized) chargers.

Besides the Charging issue, is your Iphone recognized by Itunes when you attach it to your computer?

If your shop does not do Microsoldering repairs, I would try to find a Reputable local shop that does...and if you can't find a local shop that does this repair, search through some of the Pros here and most offer a mail in service...even not charging if it can't be repaired but pretty certain yours is.

The Searching issue however sounds like a separate issue and could have to have further troubleshooting to determine what that is.

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I just find it weird because the phone worked fine, I only lost service when I restarted the phone. The only issue was it not charging (I think it was charging but the battery bar wasn't displaying it). Why would the issues only start after a restart?


Michael, I agree, it sounds like this phone had a severe impact and all of these problems are logic board issues, likely caused by the drop.. I doubt the shop did anything wrong other than inherit a badly damaged phone (even if it didn't look like it). No one's fault...just bad stuff happens some times.


Why did the phone work fine after the drop though? These issues only started after the screen replacement


Must have been a coincidence in my opinion... Changing the screen shouldn't affect the charging circuit or the "Searching" issue. I think the drop was the start of your problems, then after the screen change, you noticed the damage. It will most likely need a Microsoldering tech to repair it...


It really seems like a software issue with IOS11 at this point, I think it might be something about using non apple screens.


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I would take it back to where you got it fixed and explain this all to them. Sounds like they may have messed something up in the repair process. Not positive wihtout seeing it, but From changing a screen you don't mess with anything as far as cell service , at least you shouldn't Besides the sim. you could try putting it in Airplane Mode and taking it back out, or taking out the sim and re seating it back in place, see if you service picks up then. If it is saying no service that can drain the battery from constantly searching. I would definitely take it back to the repair shop and ask that the tech double check his work.

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I don't have a sim key unfortunately but I'm taking it back into the shop today. What I find weird is the phone will die then charge up to 1% and die again? Is there an explanation for this? Also is there an explanation for it only having the issue of being stuck at 1% and not being able to find cell service after the restart, phone worked fine before restarting it, other than the charging.


The 1% charge sounds like battery Issues to be honest .. Sounds like these techs or tech had no clue what they were doing. Or damaged something else causing other issues. i new battery should fix the 1% charging issue. Bad batteries usually do one of two things eaither you plug them in and they say 100% all the time when you unplug it dies. Second I have seen is exactly what you said charges up to 1% and won't go further, So its either battery or possibl charge port. Again without looking I am not positive but sounds like they did a number on you phone man. I would def take it back complain. Also no need for sim key use paper clip or thumb tac or anything you can get in that pin hole to pop it. Paper clips always work in a time i forget my key or bulletin board pin or even a baby pin . but it sounds like a battery or charge port as far as charging. Also try another charging cable for good measure, but if not its charge port or battery. And sim issue could be the sim tray got messed up or back up the phone and try a restore this could possible fix it. i have been doing repairs for 7+ years now and to me it sounds like wherever you took it did a number on your phone . makes the rest of us technicians who do this as a career look bad.


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