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Why my MacBook wont turn on

My macbook is not turning on, i tried to open it but when i press the power button only its fan turning for 1 sec and its led lighting and it dies immediately. Then i tried to remove the battery but nothing happens.

I check the battery indicator but it works fine.

and it also charging when i charge.

Before i put it on my laggage on my room without turning it off then the next day its behaving like that.

Was it overheat or what or it motherboard is damaged?

Hope someone can help..

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This is characteristic of power cycling or what us techs like to call "Quarter fan spin" If your device has been liquid damaged it could literally be anything. If not, it could be a problem with the battery charger chip or current sense resistors caused by charging it with a non apple charger.

So in short, yes this is a board issue. My recommendation is to find someone that specializes in microsoldering that can repair your motherboard.

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My macbook is functioning well before i put it on my laggage,. but when i took it in the next day its start disfunctioning. its led blinking not normal.

nothing liquid involved on it..

i tried to do basic troubleshooting but nothings work..


It could be anything on the board. Could liquid have gotten in the luggage? Are you using a geniune apple charger? Did where ever you traveled to have a different output voltage?


No, just put it on my luggage without turning off., and then it happens .,


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If you packed your system while in sleep mode the system could have still had running processes which being packed in an insulative bag could cause it to overheat.

In addition the machines used to check bags could have damaged your system as it was running!

Lastly depending on how long the flight was the cargo hold on some planes are not heated so the temp can drop down to -50 F which can damage your system.

Bottomline: Never a good idea to pack a system in luggage

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When i turn it on its fan and led just funtioning for a second and then it dies immidiately

its like the power is not supporting it?


@luke131991 - Mohamad, Is the MagSafe charger LED green or Amber?


@danj I really don't think overheating would do this because the CPU will throttle and shut down far before it gets damaged. These intel CPUs can be happy at 99 no issues. As far as Xrays, that is a possibility but MacBooks are pretty much always on even if the system is shut down as there are several "G3 hot" rails that are always present weither or not it is on. You might be on to something with the xray though.


Its color is amber and then when i disconnect the battery it turns green.,

Its fan is only flicking when press the power button..


i had tried the basic procedures but its not working..


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