Spark electrode is not jumping to burner

When I have stovetop disassembled, I can make the spark jump from the electrode to the burner. When I put everything in place, the spark will not make the jump. All the burners are doing this.

I recently put in a new ignition harness because there was a short at one of the burners. I can get ignition sparks to all the burners but only when they are not in their respective spots(holes) on the stove.

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@donho what model is your stove?


Hi Alton,

Thanks for your reply. Just to assure you, all my monkeying with the stove is with gas shut off.

Tonight I noticed that with just one burner connected to the spark module (and the metal top removed) that there is a spark happening sometimes from the electrode to the burner. Other times there is spark happening below the ceramic electrode holder to another part of the metal that holds the burner and electrode. At other times, there is just the clicking at the spark module.

I tried putting electrical tape at the bottom to see if that would stop the short from happening below. Didn't seem to help. Any suggestions?

By the way,oldturkey03, this is a GE gas cooktop stove, model# JGP328BE2BB.


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2 Answers

As an electrician I have worked on several gas burners larger than your stove but here is what would happen. The stationary engineer would be doing maintenance on the boiler while down. Tighten up things and painting, it was about 10 feet around in size.

The electrode was in the pilot tube held in place by a special rubber to hold the igniter in the tube. The igniter was 3 feet long and the center was carbon steel encased in ceramic round in shape. When the engineer gave the nut holding the rubber he twisted the igniter tip , which had a bend in the end like a hockey stick to point up. We found if the ignitor was in the path of the gas with out oxygen it would not ignite the pilot gas to fire the main because it was not in any oxygen just pure gas.

Now I have not seen your unit but I would say if you can make it spark you are not having trouble with the ignition transformer or circuit but the pilot gas could be encasing the electrode and the gas can not ignite. Or the pilot gas is adjusted to high and needs to be turned down to allow oxygen to mix with the gas properly to ignite. One more thing would be the distance away from the burner is from the ignition spark, this distance may not be close enough to allow the spark to jump.

As with any gas appliance unless you know how to work on it you had better call a gas man to adjust it. You could fill your space with enough gas once you do get a spark to blow you and your house up.

Open all he doors and windows and try either of these tricks and if no luck. Stop fooling with it and call an expert

Be safe, you can never replace an eye or burnt hand or worse.

Please let us know what you find.


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The model number you gave us shows this unit has a glow bar. It heats up white hot to ignite the gas air mixture. If you are getting sparks then the glow element is broken. It is a model way newer than I had in my mind. I will try and post a picture of the glow bar to see if this is like yours.??

Block Image

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