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Released in November 2013, this model of the HP 2000 series is the perfect device for those on a budget, but don't want to sacrifice performance.

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Computer says no boot device found

My computer turned off on me and whenever I try to turn it on it says boot device not found please install an operating system on your hard drive disk what do I do?

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That didn't work I tried both keys it just stays on this one screen I posted a picture through media on here so you can see it. Thanks for the help though.


You did not upload any picture :)), try again


Does your computer have built in diagnostics? Press F11 or F12 during bootup to go to the boot menu. (These keys may very based on manufacturer). If so, run the diagnostics and see what it comes up with.


That didn't work I tried both keys it just stays on this one screen. Thanks for the help though


Did you find a solution ? I have same laptop and same proplem .

Hdd works fine on other laptop.

When installing a new windows hdd is not shown

I dont know whether the proplem in the cable or in bios.


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@brysonninja "no boot device found" is usually an indication of a failed hard drive or a corrupt OS. You can try and get into the BIOS of your computer by tapping away on the ESC or F10 key as soon as you power on laptop. Once you accessed the BIOS check if your computer even recognizes a HDD. If it does that change to boot order to a USB port and use a bootable USB drive to access your computer and your hard drive. You could try to reinstall the OS or if the BIOS does not recognize a HDD, replace it with a new drive and OS.

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I had the same proplem .

"boot device not found hard disk 3fo"

I found the solution .

The proplem was in sata cable . It was cut. It worked after i changed it

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the hard drive maybe loose, take it out and then reinstall it or than that the drive could be corrupted

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you gotta check out your HDD, pls take your hdd from location and check its electronic circuit on it, actually, mostly the problem occurs actuators connection point, pls clean it with any rubber you find and take your HDD back on pc....

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Seems like dell is notable for hard drive crashes. My experience is every 2 years, and in contacting support i get nothing but bunny trails and a salesperson who thinks i should be ready to buy another pc. I think a class action lawsuit is in order.


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Have found the actual reasons of this computer no boot device available error issues and wondered how to fix it successfully so that you can make your PC work as functionally as before? No worry! To restore your PC’s common use, go follow the below methods to take chances:

1). Go check or change the boot order of your PC.

Have reset your computer boot device order or added one or two extra hard disks to your PC before you do meet this computer no boot device available error? OK! Perhaps, you just have set an incorrect drive as the first device item. To remove this boot device not found error issues, merely go check and change your PC boot order like this:

Step1. Power on your computer and tap "F2" button to enter your PC BIOS interface.

Step2. Select "BIOS Setup Utility" option to choose "Advanced BIOS Features".

Step3. Highlight "Hard Disk Boot Priority" and check or reset your bootable hard disk as the first in the boot device list.

Step4. Press "Esc" to get back and restart your computer to have a try.

Generally, your computer will set up and run well as you expect when this computer no boot device available error problem really happens due to setting wrong boot device.

2). Diagnose, fix or change the computer internal hard disk.

After checking the computer boot device order well, the follow-up thing for you is to check the state of your installed boot hard disk. Honestly, many related computer boot device not found error issues are often caused by damaged or faulty internal hard disk. Hence, you are supposed to test your connected hard disk carefully.

Merely run CHKDSK to see whether there are some unfixable damages, like bad sectors or other physical damages. Or also go download diagnostic software to remove some simple hard disk issues. Of course, when your internal hard disk is mechanically damaged and cannot be recognized or used on any computer or machine, also do not hesitate to change another new hard disk for your PC.

Moreover, if possible, go disconnect internal hard disk and try it on another PC to see whether it gets the same PC problems. In this way, you can surely know whether this internal hard disk is really corrupted or not. Of course, if possible, also attach another bootable external storage device to see whether PC could be restart smoothly as before.

3). Check, repair or reinstall computer Operating System.

When you are not sure whether this computer issues are aroused by PC OS problems, merely go check the operating system files and folders soon. If you do find that some important operating system folders and files are deleted or lost accidentally, go try to recover them with undelete file recovery software. If they are impossible be restored, also go try to update or reinstall your computer operating system to see whether you will also get the same no boot device available error message.

4). Go check or restore the MBR sector of your boot hard disk.

If you are sure that your internal hard disk is all right and this computer issues may be caused by damaged MBR sector of your boot hard disk, go check and restore your hard disk MBR sector. What you are supposed to do is only to download some special software to take chances. Of course, if possible, also open your internal and go check the state of your hard disk MBR sector by following some guide article searched online manually.

Please Note: Though the process of restoring the disk MBR sector does not erase or delete hard disk files without sign or warning, in case of any unexpected hard disk data loss troubles, you’d better firstly make sure to let everything important backed up well on another hard disk or device.

5). Start antivirus software or format hard disk to remove all possible viruses clearly.

No matter whether this computer boot device not found error problems are caused by viruses or not, it is necessary to remove all possible hidden viruses or threats clearly, right? Just go run your installed antivirus software to detect and clean all suspicious stuffs at first. And then, also perform a full formatting process on this internal hard disk to clean everything dangerous completely.

Please Note: When you do have lost much important PC documents, games, programs, videos, photos and files after formatting hard disk to clean all possible vicious viruses completely, also don’t worry. Write no fresh data on this formatted hard disk and go recover data from formatted drive with format recovery software.

Hope this will help you, if not then try to go to this

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