Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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iPhone stuck in an activation loop

We currently have an IPhone 6 plus that is stuck in an activation loop. Whenever you turn the device on it goes to the hello screen to go through the setup process. If you set the phone up with a sim card inside it will revert back to the hello screen as soon as you reach the home screen. If the phone is set up with out a sim card it will work fine until you insert a sim card. Once you put a sim card in it will reset and start the activation loop again. I have tried multiple restores both standard and DFU mode so it isn't software related. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this and how to fix it.

Thanks in advance

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I am having this exact same issue. Took it to T-Mobile today and they couldn’t get it figured out either. Not idea what to do.


Is the phone locked to a certain network by any chance?


Sounds like there is a problem with the SIM card.


Hello! I've seen this problem a few times. Are you up to date on software? That was the case in a few of them. When you insert the sim and it brings you to activate it what does it say on the screen?


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1st. What event happened that caused this issue to start?

As to what it sounds like may have caused this. Possibly replacing the front screen and replacing the original home button, i ve read on apple forums that a fingerprint model of iphone home button being replaced by a aftermarket home button.

A much more common issue like this happens 6-12 months after a cell phone was jail broken. The code written by the pirate coders has bugs, etc in it, that slowly over time corrupts the apple software so badly that after 6 months a problem like this arises. If thats the cause, there is no cure, sell it on ebay and let a expert in microsoldring buy it. They can just start swapping soldered parts on the board until they isoliate the corrupt microprocssor on the board.

Was the phone exposed to a liquid spill sometime in the past 4 months? Its about that amount of time it takes a tiny area that was touched by water takes befoe the corrotion

One other you can check is to use a 10x-20x glass and a flashlight to look closely inside the simcard tray slot. Look for a hair, dust, also exaime the sim card and see if one area of the copper has a unusal deeply wore area verses the others. Also inspect all the other orafaces for any debris that might cause a short.

Lastly, the simcard reader might be bad

Only connecting a MICROSOFT PC via USB to a iphone and when itunes opens on its on, will activate the APPLE FIRMWARE REPAIR diagenostic tools that you need ran to fix any software issue repair.

First i would charge the phone to 100%, then wipe the iphone and restore it as a new iphone. Before ever connecting it to itunes.

iPhone 6 plus boot loop after screen repair

refer, to the post 9 down below yours, called. iphone stuck in loop

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Hello, I just went through this exact issue. When I removed the sim card the phone would boot up just fine, but with the sim card installed the phone would activation loop. In the about screen in the iPhone it said it was on the T-Mobile network, but when I installed a T-Mobile sim the phone still would activation loop.

After a number of calls to apple and T-mobile, I discovered that the phone was service locked to either Tracfone or StraightTalk. I called both those companies and found it was StraightTalk. This company would not unlock the phone under any circumstance. I offered to pay. Nope.

In the end, I got my hands on a Straight Talk sim card, and guess what? No activation loop. Fixed.

I ended up selling the phone to a guy who uses Tracfone and the sim worked fine, I suspect they are the same company.

Hope this helps.

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Having the same problem too, but mine is a iphone SE. I upgraded to a new software but still has the activation required loop.

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If you have an iPhone/iOS Device caught in an Activation Loop you can try a few things

  1. Remove SIM and Hard Restart Device
  2. If you have a Mac download Apple Configurator 2 (free), Connect your device and select the option to Erase and Restart Device.

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