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iPad Pro 12.9 touchscreen is unresponsive from time to time

I bought the iPad Pro 3 months after released date until now. Recently my iPad Pro sometimes unresponsive to any kind of tap but as far as I know 5 finger gesture still works but 1/2 fingers tap and swipe is not possible.

I can return to home just like pressing the home button by swipe with 5 fingers.

During unresponsive I cannot

- tap with 1 finger.

- swipe left and right with 1 finger.

- swipe with 2 finger

- zoom in zoom out with 2 finger.

I haven't made any update since I got it from Apple. iOS 10.2

At first I I tried to tap and it doesn't respond but keep tapping it sometimes works. Not so often but I dislike it when it occurs during gaming. Leave it rest awhile and it just back online as it used to be about a couple minutes.

So I made another test by using apple pencil when touchscreen is unresponsive and it works apple pencil works like normal.

I am never drop the iPad, nor crash it against something let say I am taking care of it like a little chid.

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I am also have no sweaty finger too because I am only sweaty when using iPhone only (too hot for my finger)


Right now I updated my iPad Pro and no problem just yet. But new update seems to make my touchscreen a bit too sensitive than usual.


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The first thing I would try is to update iOS to the latest version. I would also try a proper backup and then a full restore just to eliminate the possibility that this is a software problem (app, iOS) or a data corruption problem.

Otherwise, it is either a defective screen or a problem with the Touch circuitry on the logic board. However, the replacement screens are very expensive so it is not very effective to try and troubleshoot the hardware yourself.

iPad Pro 12.9" LCD Screen and Digitizer Image

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It is too expensive!!!


Idk if it's totally works but from that till now no problem occurs yet. Maybe it really works but how? because it is a same iOS from first use and I have been using a same iOS over a year and problem just simply solved by it's own update?


That's why I like repairing hardware ;>). You generally understand why and how you fixed something. Software can be mysterious at times.

Keep an eye on it and hope for the best.


Ok now I got a different result. When the touchscreen problem occurs in mid air I am just simply turn off the screen by tapping power button (not turn off the iPad) then just tap home button to use it again and touchscreen problem will be fixed by it's own. As far as I know it is still happening. I might better go to Apple to check it out. It's like in between of hardware and iOS? if it's hardware how I can fix the problem by simply double tap on power button? weird.


The cost of a replacement screen makes troubleshooting the iPad Pro very difficult. If you're no longer under warranty, consider finding a micro-solderer that has had some experience with this model. I say this because there aren't really any schematics out in the wild making this a tough device to work on. I would also bring it to Apple just to see what they say. This is their flagship product so they may be more flexible.


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